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Journal Week 6

Zihan Qi - Wed 6 May 2020, 9:18 pm

Main work of the sixth week

  • Complete the report according to the division of labor
  • Thinking about my personal direction

The entire sixth week can be divided into the above two parts. Before the submission date of the proposal report, my team and I were completing the content of our report. During this period, we included some discussions and analysis. Thankfully, everyone in the group's work completed well according to the plan, and the content was also very sufficient. This caused me to think about my personal plan.

In my initial personal direction, I hope to achieve my design goals in some pleasant ways. I personally like playing games very much, which is also my main way to relieve stress. But this is not suitable for most people. In the discussion and analysis of the survey results, I found the effectiveness of exercise in relieving stress. This proves that exercise is a very effective way to relieve stress for most people. In other words, sports provided me with a universal solution. Therefore, I hope to combine sports and games to allow users to exercise during the game, while releasing stress, to achieve the purpose of exercising and pleasant emotions.

In the work of the team, my sole responsibility is to collect and categorize the comments of the two teams. Record the analysis and feedback of the comments in the team discussion.

Journal Week 5

Zihan Qi - Fri 1 May 2020, 11:20 am
Modified: Wed 6 May 2020, 3:13 pm

Main work of the fifth week

  • Organize all feedback
  • Group discussion and analysis of the current situation and new topics
  • Try to find problems and corresponding solutions after unifying the theme
  • Division of the team

In the new group, because we have two problem spaces. So we have some discussion about the new problem space. The main research direction of the team Hi Distinction is to achieve the purpose of decompression through the physical interaction of some body actions and the destruction of some objects in the virtual scene. The concept of team 7-11 is to use some virtual reality interactive devices to complete the management of environmental issues in virtual scenes, provide users with some realistic governance issues, and arouse user reflection to achieve the purpose of improving user environmental awareness.

After initial communication, we finally unified the theme to relieve pressure. First of all, environmental protection is still a complicated concept for us. As we were prompted in the feedback, preventing natural disasters such as mountain fires and environmental pollution problems of rubbish treatment for individuals requires two completely different solutions.

The theme of stress relief is very specific and easy to understand by users. After the introduction of the Hi Distinction team members, both Eugene and I stated that we can accept the change of theme and are interested in the new theme.

We made a simple evaluation of the concept of team Hi Distinction and exchanged the comments received by the two teams. The concept of Hi Distinction is more like a boxing game.

imgur imgur

Some people in the feedback showed interest and positive attitude, but at the same time, the concept seems to contain some elements of violence, which mainly destroys virtual objects as the main interactive method. In addition, this method of reducing stress does not seem to be recognized by some people, and some people tend to choose a more relaxed solution.

With tutor's suggestion, we decided to explore the problem space again, focusing on what the problem is and how to solve it, rather than focusing on conceptual design. After discussion, we summarized the characteristics of some target groups according to the design theme.

  • People who need to exercise
  • People who are stressed and these pressures have negatively affected them

After preliminary analysis, based on the possibility of collecting information, we identified the target population as stressful young people. Since we need to complete the report in the next week, the available time is not very optimistic, we need to immediately carry out small group work. We divided the problem areas into exercise stress relief, stressful young groups, and similar core product analysis. According to our plan, we will complete the literature survey work on the weekend, and then discuss the comprehensiveness and completeness of our survey results, and supplement it next. Regarding other work, we will record and summarize the results of the discussion after the discussion, divide the work according to the workload and feedback it in our report.

Journal 2 Week 4

Zihan Qi - Tue 31 March 2020, 6:46 pm

About our Group

Unfortunately our two group members decided to drop this course. During the work, we are very happy to work with them as a team, and they have still completed the work that is expected to be assigned to them in the presentation. Thank you very much for their enthusiastic work in the team.

About response to feedback

Reasons to keep players playing

Through group discussions, we will continue to enrich the game content, and we may set up more game mechanics to make players interested in continuing to play this game. At the same time, we will think about more directions to keep players enthusiastic about the game, which may include reflection on reality, the actual meaning of the game, sports and health.

Physical interaction

Haptic feedback is a very interesting way of interacting, and it is rare in conventional VR or AR games. Since our main interaction controller is the body, we may use more sensors to capture body movements while achieving physical feedback at the corresponding locations


We are still discussing which direction is more suitable for our ideas, but in terms of the degree of connection in daily life, it seems that it is easier to understand garbage pollution.

Journal Week 4

Zihan Qi - Tue 31 March 2020, 12:18 pm
Modified: Tue 31 March 2020, 2:13 pm


This week we presented the basic concepts of the group. Our concept is to make the user a guard with super powers. Gesture casting can solve all environmental problems such as mountain fire, river pollution or air pollution. Design and construct a virtual scene to complete the user's interaction process, and change the environmental scene (recover the ecological environment) by capturing the user's gestures. After the user completes the interactive process, the scene will prompt the financial expenditure and human resources required to manage the corresponding ecological problems in real life. Design guides users to reflect. In a world without super-powerful environmental guards, that is, in the real world, the price humans need to pay to solve environmental pollution problems, and encourage users to participate in environmental protection activities.


At the same time we received a lot of feedback.


A reason to keep players playing

In terms of game content, we haven't done much design, so the concept seems to be not too much content.

Physical interaction

In our design, most of the interactions are implemented in a virtual scene, so we are missing some physical interactions.

About the topic

There are some differences in the nature of mountain fires and garbage pollution in environmental issues. For example, humans can reduce waste pollution in the environment through proper waste classification methods. But wildfires are unpredictable to humans, and we can only remedy them with proper precautions. As a result, the approach to addressing two environmental issues may be different for individuals.

Connection with real life

We have been thinking about this issue. After the game, how do we feed back the information we want to convey to our users in real life.

Joournal Week 3

Zihan Qi - Sun 15 March 2020, 4:07 pm
Modified: Sun 15 March 2020, 4:08 pm

What we have done

This week was mainly World Cafe, and we had a group discussion on everyone's posters, trying to get new inspiration from everyone's posters. I have understood and discussed about Beautify the Self, Enhanced mundane spaces, Emotional totems, and Body as controller. I found that some design concepts seem to be abstract, such as Emotional totems and Beautify the Self. Everyone ’s emotions and experiences are there. Differently, it seems that more detailed investigations are needed in the design of emotions. From my personal experience, the impact of the environment on human experience is relatively abstract. In fact, as I browsed all the posters, I discovered some very interesting ways to interact, such as smell. There are a lot of scent experience projects in some cities, such as the scent museum, which have attracted great interest. If we can reasonably use scent for interaction design, I think it will be very interesting. On Wednesday we organized the group. I chose the Body as controller direction. I met new team members, and after communicating, I found out that they have a different understanding of this topic from me. I believe we will have a very special design.

imgur imgur imgur imgur

I also participated in the course of UQ innovate, which introduced some production and processing machines and laser cutting machines that we may use. The content includes how to use the machine, safety regulations and safety measures. I used similar machines in my undergraduate period, and I am very happy to be able to contact them again, and hope to use more of them in the future.


What to do next

Immediately after the team was formed, we arranged for the next plan. Based on what each of us thinks, we will determine our next design field. Discuss some interaction methods and interactive devices in the field. Eventually we will conduct brainstorming and concept map activities to evaluate our interaction methods. In the end, we will come up with a solution that best suits our field and has a strong interactive experience.

Journal Week 2

Zihan Qi - Fri 6 March 2020, 1:39 pm

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Week 2

Zihan Qi - Mon 2 March 2020, 11:07 pm

Inspiration and Introduction

The design is inspired by Toy Story movies. In the movie, various toys are active in the human world. Because toys are different in size from humans, the interaction with the same thing is also very different. When humans are in a huge "conventional scenario," this can lead to very different experiences. The design inspiration also refers to the movie "Ant-Man".

The main purpose of the design is to enlarge the user's conventional scene several times by various means, and then immersed the user into the scene immersively, bringing more interactive ways to the user's conventional scene. At the same time, the enlarged scene provides plenty of space for some games. For example, users can start a basketball game on their desk anytime, anywhere, or use various furniture in the room as obstacles to play some first-person perspective games.


Here are some possible interaction methods or technologies:

  1. Virtual reality technology: We provide users with some simple model building methods, so that users can restore home scenes or other scenes as much as possible, and then provide users with corresponding games, and adjust the size of the user-built models according to the map size required by the game. And proportion.The advantage of this technology is that it allows users to participate in the construction of scene models, which enriches the freedom of the game. At the same time, the built scene can have better accuracy and richer details and better game compatibility in the game. However, the disadvantage is that the game increases the workload of the user, and for some users who are not willing to build simulation models, it may reduce the user experience.
  2. Scene scan:Use as many cameras as possible to capture and scan all the objects in the space, and intelligently segment and map the photos on each piece of furniture, completely restore the user's indoor space, and develop different games in different areas of the space.The advantage of this technology is that it completely restores the real scene, ensuring that the user is in a huge "conventional scene", and according to the game, it brings a better experience for the user. However, the disadvantage is that the level of detail in the scene may be reduced due to lighting or scanning accuracy.

Week 1 Introduction

Zihan Qi - Fri 28 February 2020, 9:45 pm
Modified: Fri 28 February 2020, 9:45 pm

Who am I

I am Zihan Qi.I am studying for the master of interaction design and this is my final semester. I am passionate about design work. In the team I am better at design and testing activities. In my academic career, I am very happy to communicate design with more people and find more interesting inspiration and solutions in different logics.


In this semester of design work, I am more inclined to interesting and inspirational designs. I will add more interactive elements to the design. I took a Digitial Prototyping course last semester, so I hope that this semester I will be exposed to more prototyping methods similar to Adurino, or to apply this method skillfully in more practical processes. I saw a lot of interesting interactions in the previous exhibition, and I can't wait to participate in this course. Thinking and learning more has always been my goal.