Hao Yan - Sat 25 April 2020, 7:31 pm

Unfortunately, we are still waiting for the package of the Arduino kit we purchased. We have now simulated most of the work through the computer, and also completed part of the code work. Because our initial plan was based on the Laser tripwire system, so laser makes the most critical part of our entire project, we can not complete this project without this kit. Of course, to prevent accidents, we have prepared a Plan B.

First, let me introduce the circuit we originally planned. In simple terms, it is composed of two parts system, laser, and laser receiving system. A 9v battery powers the laser. The main component of the laser receiving system is the photoresistor. When the laser light hits the photoresistor directly, the resistance value will change. This will help us detect the movement of the sword. The other main component is the speaker, which can play our storyline and some task prompts to assist the user in completing the task. And can provide some sound feedback. For now, our initial plan is to use four speakers (four sets of Arduino in series) to complete the entire project foundation. On this basis, further improvements are being made, including the possibility of using headsets in the future or using VR technology (the user base will change).

Regarding our Plan B, we have now completed the first test with the existing Arduino kit, and the results show that this solution is feasible. Use the infrared remote control and an infrared receiver to form a system to replace the original laser receiving system, so that our game interaction may change from sword to firearm. Tomorrow we plan to buy some necessary tools, such as electric soldering iron, hot melt adhesive, and some wires. I hope that in the next week, we can successfully receive our package.