Journal Week 12

Tianyi Liu - Mon 1 June 2020, 4:52 am

Since we didn't think we could get our larger FSR sensor delivered on time under current situation, last week ,we are focusing on finding alternative for the FSR sensor. The alternative have to meet 2 requirements:

  1. have a detect range larger than FSR(which is 0-6kg, far less than the weight of a human being) that allow our user to stand on it.
  2. the data is accurate and instant.

The tutor suggest us to use Wii Balance Board(WBB) which is a controller like thing for the wii console. We buy a second hand WBB last week and start to study how to make use of it. WBB is just like a weighing scale, it have 4 sensors inside the board, work just like a FSR, a better thing is, it could detect specific four parts of the board, on which the user is currently standing on.

However, we met some knotty problem in gaining the data from the WBB. The WBB was connected to PC through Bluetooth HID, there are a few software(wii-scale) that could read the data from the bluetoot port and display it on the screen. But to read the data from the port relies on several library on C++ which we are not familiar with, we are not able to get those beautiful data from the WBB. Therefore this approach meet a dead end.

So, the next week we will go back to mechenical solutions, to try to use mechenical design to match the detect range of the FSR and the weight of people, and I will also try to use some simple CV to try to read the data from wii-scale software.