Journal Week 4

Zihan Qi - Tue 31 March 2020, 12:18 pm
Modified: Tue 31 March 2020, 2:13 pm


This week we presented the basic concepts of the group. Our concept is to make the user a guard with super powers. Gesture casting can solve all environmental problems such as mountain fire, river pollution or air pollution. Design and construct a virtual scene to complete the user's interaction process, and change the environmental scene (recover the ecological environment) by capturing the user's gestures. After the user completes the interactive process, the scene will prompt the financial expenditure and human resources required to manage the corresponding ecological problems in real life. Design guides users to reflect. In a world without super-powerful environmental guards, that is, in the real world, the price humans need to pay to solve environmental pollution problems, and encourage users to participate in environmental protection activities.


At the same time we received a lot of feedback.


A reason to keep players playing

In terms of game content, we haven't done much design, so the concept seems to be not too much content.

Physical interaction

In our design, most of the interactions are implemented in a virtual scene, so we are missing some physical interactions.

About the topic

There are some differences in the nature of mountain fires and garbage pollution in environmental issues. For example, humans can reduce waste pollution in the environment through proper waste classification methods. But wildfires are unpredictable to humans, and we can only remedy them with proper precautions. As a result, the approach to addressing two environmental issues may be different for individuals.

Connection with real life

We have been thinking about this issue. After the game, how do we feed back the information we want to convey to our users in real life.