Journal Week 5

Zihan Qi - Fri 1 May 2020, 11:20 am
Modified: Wed 6 May 2020, 3:13 pm

Main work of the fifth week

  • Organize all feedback
  • Group discussion and analysis of the current situation and new topics
  • Try to find problems and corresponding solutions after unifying the theme
  • Division of the team

In the new group, because we have two problem spaces. So we have some discussion about the new problem space. The main research direction of the team Hi Distinction is to achieve the purpose of decompression through the physical interaction of some body actions and the destruction of some objects in the virtual scene. The concept of team 7-11 is to use some virtual reality interactive devices to complete the management of environmental issues in virtual scenes, provide users with some realistic governance issues, and arouse user reflection to achieve the purpose of improving user environmental awareness.

After initial communication, we finally unified the theme to relieve pressure. First of all, environmental protection is still a complicated concept for us. As we were prompted in the feedback, preventing natural disasters such as mountain fires and environmental pollution problems of rubbish treatment for individuals requires two completely different solutions.

The theme of stress relief is very specific and easy to understand by users. After the introduction of the Hi Distinction team members, both Eugene and I stated that we can accept the change of theme and are interested in the new theme.

We made a simple evaluation of the concept of team Hi Distinction and exchanged the comments received by the two teams. The concept of Hi Distinction is more like a boxing game.

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Some people in the feedback showed interest and positive attitude, but at the same time, the concept seems to contain some elements of violence, which mainly destroys virtual objects as the main interactive method. In addition, this method of reducing stress does not seem to be recognized by some people, and some people tend to choose a more relaxed solution.

With tutor's suggestion, we decided to explore the problem space again, focusing on what the problem is and how to solve it, rather than focusing on conceptual design. After discussion, we summarized the characteristics of some target groups according to the design theme.

  • People who need to exercise
  • People who are stressed and these pressures have negatively affected them

After preliminary analysis, based on the possibility of collecting information, we identified the target population as stressful young people. Since we need to complete the report in the next week, the available time is not very optimistic, we need to immediately carry out small group work. We divided the problem areas into exercise stress relief, stressful young groups, and similar core product analysis. According to our plan, we will complete the literature survey work on the weekend, and then discuss the comprehensiveness and completeness of our survey results, and supplement it next. Regarding other work, we will record and summarize the results of the discussion after the discussion, divide the work according to the workload and feedback it in our report.