Journal Week 6

Zihan Qi - Wed 6 May 2020, 9:18 pm

Main work of the sixth week

  • Complete the report according to the division of labor
  • Thinking about my personal direction

The entire sixth week can be divided into the above two parts. Before the submission date of the proposal report, my team and I were completing the content of our report. During this period, we included some discussions and analysis. Thankfully, everyone in the group's work completed well according to the plan, and the content was also very sufficient. This caused me to think about my personal plan.

In my initial personal direction, I hope to achieve my design goals in some pleasant ways. I personally like playing games very much, which is also my main way to relieve stress. But this is not suitable for most people. In the discussion and analysis of the survey results, I found the effectiveness of exercise in relieving stress. This proves that exercise is a very effective way to relieve stress for most people. In other words, sports provided me with a universal solution. Therefore, I hope to combine sports and games to allow users to exercise during the game, while releasing stress, to achieve the purpose of exercising and pleasant emotions.

In the work of the team, my sole responsibility is to collect and categorize the comments of the two teams. Record the analysis and feedback of the comments in the team discussion.