Kids Be Shh

Jessica Tyerman - Tue 3 March 2020, 12:31 am
Modified: Tue 3 March 2020, 12:38 am


Kids Be Shh is a waterproof patch that attaches to the arm or hand of a school aged child. The patch remains a slightly, transparent green colour until the child should reach an unacceptable level. At this point the device will alert the user by turning the colour yellow. If the user continues to use an unacceptable volume, the patch will turn red and the offence will be recorded. Each time the ‘red zone’ was entered, it will be displayed on the patch. The data recorded can then be access by those required (such as teachers or parents).



The patch is designed for use in situations where children struggle to understand social etiquette and appropriate noise levels. The patch was designed with a classroom situation in mind; where there is an interactive activity taking place that requires the children to listen and respond appropriately thus using their “inside voices”. The patch could also be used at home in situations such as quiet time or bedtime as well as during family car rides. The children can be rewarded from low records, encouraging those to not enter the “red zone” continuously.


The aim is to encourage children to be cautious of their volume and when it is their turn to speak. By alerting the user when they are becoming too loud, it promotes awareness and thus actions on their volume level. Children are reinforced to listen to those speaking and learning when it is their turn to speak. It can also assist the user in learning different situations and their appropriate levels of volume. Learning proper social etiquette at a young age will help develop skills to assist with communication and social interactions later in life.


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