Documentation & Reflection

Week 14 Done!

Jessica Tyerman - Sat 13 June 2020, 5:34 pm

Well, this week was definitely a crazy one! On Wednesday, we had our exhibition which meant our portfolio and the final product had to be completed. It was a very busy few days continuously adding more to the website and to Emily herself.

Once I had completed and finalised my functionality within the Arduino, I taped together any cables I could or swapped out loose jumper cables for fresh ones to make a nice and neat environment.


I created the nose for the snowman out of ProtoPutty which actually worked perfectly. I made multiple noses to try out and then glued the one I liked the most to Emily's head. I then made my arms out of straws which were really fun to do! It was nice to feel crafty and to work purely with my eyes and judgement (and scissors of course). Once I was happy with them, I glued them on and added eyes with a marker and also glued the rest of the materials together. Then Emily was a completed snowman!

Imgur Imgur Imgur

I was quite happy with the physical outcome of my project however I could have definitely done more to improve. I would have liked to glue together the bowls instead of taping however I needed to ensure constant access was available to the Arduino components in case one became loose as it was not soldered or permanently placed. I would have also loved to explore other means such as resin printing, 3D printing or laser printing but with limited access to resources, I chose the path of more household materials. This allowed me to be more creative with what I could find a use for. With my physical product complete, I was able to create my videos and take photos of such. I was then able to finish the content needed for the portfolio and add it all together.

The exhibition was on Wednesday the 10th and went from 4-7. Whilst we had a slow, lonely beginning, time actually went really fast. The day of the exhibition was an eventful one for me with an unforeseen family emergency but thankfully things worked out and I was able to attend. Between having guests in our channel, our team would visit other channels to see their final products. It was really nice to see the other teams as we have seen their constant progress through the contact sessions this semester. I love how different ideas can evolve within the teams and within different themes. Receiving feedback from people who have only seen the final product and not the entire progress was great! They come in with a fresh mind and can give you different kinds of feedback. This got me thinking about why exactly I did things. Sometimes I didn't even really know my reasoning behind small little things, such as why we chose the name "Emily". Whilst I decided to incorporate a temperature and light sensor, I feel like I should have focused on one feature. This would have dedicated more of my time to improving just one sensor rather than trying to jump between the two continuously.

I enjoyed working with my theme and my team however there are a few things I would have changed/hoped for differently. I really wished we were able to take the course as it was intended and work as a team. I know we could have produced a pretty cool product with all of us together but it was not viable with COVID-19. The course was really fun and hands-on and quite intense but was a great final course to take before graduation.

I really loved my other team members' projects and to see which direction they went with and how it ended up. It was really great to see the differences and I think they all did an amazing job. If I were to re-do my product, there is a lot of inspiration from their "Emily"s I would find very beneficial to incorporate into my own project. This again makes me think of the results we could have produced an amazing product with all four minds put together.

All that is now left to do is to write my critical reflection and then the course is over!

Week 13 So Far

Jessica Tyerman - Thu 4 June 2020, 11:46 am

Recently I have been trying to finish my physical form of Emily. I began creating a top hat out of black cardboard. I initially attempted to just cut strips out and go from there but very quickly found out that I might need to do a little more planning than that. I then began drawing (almost perfect) circles and a rectangle to hopefully fall in line. Whilst it was really hard to get the smaller circle to fit perfectly at the top of the folded rectangle, I managed to get it to a decent state. In hindsight, I should have attempted to draw a template where I can cut out the top and sides of the hat in one piece but I really struggled to wrap my head around the logistics. I'm still relatively happy with the outcome considering I haven't done any arts and crafts in a very long time.

Imgur Imgur

In line with some feedback I had received from the prototype, I have changed my RGB light to a neopixel strip. This will allow it to shine brighter and also fixed the issues I was having with the light. Whilst I am able to control each neopixel, I have decided to keep them a consistent colour as this feature doesn't really benefit what I'm doing and having multiple might just confuse the user. I've also programmed in a blue colour to appear when the air conditioner/heater isn't on to notify the user that Emily is not monitoring this usage.

After conducting research on the appropriate differences between inside and outside when using an air conditioner or heater, I received similar results. All my sources addressed a specific temperature that it should be set out to be energy efficient rather than a range of values that differ from the current outside temperature. This changed how I approached my code and I altered it to compare the current temperature to the energy-efficient temperature only when the A/C system is on. This actually makes a lot more sense in my head now and I'm happy with how it works. I have to simulate if the system is on or not as it wasn't in my scope to be able to program this.

I then went on to spray paint my bowls so I can start to piece it all together. I did a light coat around all the sides and just waited for them to set. At the time of purchasing the spray paint, I was undecided on whether to purchase matte or gloss and decided to go with matte as it would reflect less light from its surroundings. I did not think about the potential patchiness of the paint and its increased visibility. While it's noticeable if you look closely, I still think it covers the bowls fairly nicely and adding more coats would make it harder to see through.

Imgur Imgur

I am nearing the end of my project and have completed a large chunk of what was on my must-do list. I still have to create the majority of my content for my portfolio and film any material I need to add into it. I hope to add more accessories (maybe some eyes, a scarf, hands and a nose) to the snowman to give her more definition and then add a few finishing features such as a buzzer into the Arduino. Less than a week until the exhibition and things are definitely heating up!

Week 12 Recap

Jessica Tyerman - Mon 1 June 2020, 1:29 pm

This week I continued to work on my portfolio and have now got a template so that I can insert my content into (when it's done) and perform some styling adjustments. I really enjoy working on HTML and CSS and can easily spend ages figuring out which colour I prefer and what font size I want. But also this takes so much of my time! I've created the landing page and the template for the other pages and so far I will leave it at that until I insert all my content.

After I had this complete, I moved on to changing my Arduino code to include some of the feedback and errors I got from the prototype. I got my RGB values to work which turned out my lights seem to go BGR rather than RGB. Now it is displaying the correct values! I also switched out my ultrasonic sensor for a new one and it seemed to fix the issue I had of recognising movement when there was none. I also researched what temperature differences are the most energy-efficient. Whilst I couldn't find an exact value that is appropriate (ie. inside is at least 5 degrees different than outside), all of my sources stated a temperature range that is most energy-efficient during either Summer or Winter. I narrowed this down to what was recommended for South East Queensland and will implement this into my code.

Over the next week, my main tasks will be to change the lights over to neopixels to allow more light to shine through. I also need to spray paint my different parts and create the hat and the nose of the snowman. Whilst I don't anticipate this to be hard to complete, it is an important aspect of the physical part and I need to make sure I have enough time for it all to dry. I also need to complete the content for my portfolio which I anticipate will take some time. I have many thoughts and content in my head but converting those into words with images will be slightly time-consuming.

Week 11 Recap

Jessica Tyerman - Sun 24 May 2020, 9:39 pm

Work Done & How it Relates

The start of this week was pretty quiet for me with this course. After the Wednesday studio that included the explanation of the next deliverable and my questions answered, I began focusing on building my website. I'm not sure if it's the best task to try to tackle next but it's definitely one that scares me. I have been trying to implement the base of the website and get a rough version of the landing page so that I can focus on my product as well as producing and inserting the content.

I envisioned my landing page to be very minimal with just the word 'Emily' and a light bulb that could be turned on and off (ie. saving energy just like Emily is designed to do). I have made a still photo of what I have envisioned with the "lights on". There is definitely more I could play with but my focus is definitely needed elsewhere.


Whilst the design is quite basic and blunt, this is the style that I am intending. The product is in the form of the snowman which is typically portrayed as bright and snowy and fun. I hope to move this into the rest of my website.

Work To Do

With only 17 days until the Exhibition, there is a huge list of things I need to complete. I'm trying to break it down into tasks that I can complete over a few days. This helps me remain calm and not panic about the craziness of the ending of the semester! I will still need to build the rest of the website and write the content I want to go into it.

Emily still needs a lot of work before I am happy with the final form. I need to fix the technology including the temperature comparison and the display of lights. I also hope to finish the additional parts of Emily (such as arms and a hat) and combine it all together including spray painting.

Week 10 Recap

Jessica Tyerman - Wed 20 May 2020, 11:08 pm
Modified: Wed 20 May 2020, 11:08 pm

Between Week 9 and 10 I have no idea where all the time went! Many hours were spent up late working on getting my prototype to a point that I was okay with. I spent the majority of the previous week assembling my form and producing the documentation.

Reiterating over my design process gave me the opportunity to reflect on where I started and where I've reached. This also helped me decipher what I have left to do. Creating my interaction plan was interesting as I got to delve into exactly how I intend users will interact with Emily. Although I already established that my target audience was users who are comfortable with technology and have the intention to change their behaviour, I was able to establish how the user will reach the point where they own and come into contact with Emily. I had goals and tasks that I want to achieve at completion of the project in my mind. After creating a written list of project objectives and how I will measure the success of these objectives, it will give me official end goals to meet and help me stay on track. With the end nearing, I don't have much time to achieve my stretch goals but I am able to focus on the main aspects that I desire Emily to have to give the user a sense of her potential.

After I had completed the documentation, I began to create the content for my video. Whilst some parts were hard to show the same view as we would see in real life (such as the display of lights and the reflection of ceiling lighting etc.). I ran into issues with retrieving the videos from the camera (Sony for some reason hides the videos from the SD card? Very silly and frustrating...) and with the use of programs and what they would import (such as Audacity and M4A). After some stressful and frustrating moments, I was able to sort out all my issues and eventually bit the bullet and downloaded Adobe Premiere Pro and from there it was a breeze. I really wish I had just begun with it as their functionality is much better than the other applications I was trying to use.

Once the craziness of submitting the prototype had settled down, the team held a Zoom meeting where we watch our peers' prototypes that we were assigned and then discussed our thoughts of such. It was interesting to see what other people have focused on and what they prioritised for the prototype. Whilst I have given some thought to the form, I had a focus on achieving a base level of the technology to be achieved. This seems similar to many of my peers with the focus on the next few weeks on the visual aspects.

Progress on Arduino

Jessica Tyerman - Mon 4 May 2020, 2:17 pm

The past few days I've been working on getting the technology in Emily to a point where I'm satisfied. Currently, my Arduino is able to detect when the light is above a certain level and check for movement in the room. If there is movement in the room, the green light turns on but if no movement is detected the red light will be activated. This indicates whether the lights should remain on or is a waste of energy. Then the temperature of the room is detected and compared to the "temperature" of outside. If the temperatures are within 2 degrees of each other, the light will turn red. If the temperatures are within 5 degrees of each other, the light will turn yellow. If the temperature inside is the more than 5 degrees different from the temperature outside, the light will turn green. At this point, I only have it compared to dummy data rather than being able to access the current outside temperature itself.


I had some trouble being able with my code, some fair mistakes and some incredibly silly. I couldn't get my code to work and gave up on it for the night. As I was falling asleep, it occurred to me that I had put = instead of == to compare to values. Little moments like this cause a little or a lot more time to be spent on the work then is needed. Then again I feel like that is the struggle of programming... I feel like I am finally starting to understand what I need to do to improve and satisfy my code. I still want to work out how to input live data for the outside temperature. I also hope to add in different responses as right now it is only visually annoying or pleasing but does not do anything else to grab the users attention.

What I'm Up To In Week 8

Jessica Tyerman - Wed 29 April 2020, 10:21 pm

Work Done & How it Relates

Today I attempted to create ProtoPutty again... This time I used water and dishwashing liquid in substitute for cornstarch and it went a lot better! Being able to gather and pull apart the silicone in the water made it a lot smoother and I was able to remove the stickiness faster. I was then able to mould it onto something (this time I chose a bowl) and create something more from it. The end result was quite soft and probably not thick and strong enough to place another bowl on top and hold together to form a hollow bowl. Whenever experimenting with new materials, it's always going to be a matter of trial and error. I've been given a few more suggestions by the teaching team that I want to explore and see if it will be more suitable for my design. I have put a lot of focus on the physical form over the past week and have been trying to ensure I have the right material so that I can source it in time if not. After hearing everyone's report back in the studio today, I feel like I really should start investing my time in the technology aspect to my prototype. Lorna also suggested that we should watch movies such as WALL·E to get a feel for how they portray non-speaking objects with a big emotional part.

Imgur Imgur

My attempt #2 at ProtoPutty

I also had more of a play around with Arduino and what I can do with the sensors I have. I have tried to play around more with sensors that I would use in my project but I still have a few more to explore. I mainly played around with tutorials but I would also like to explore the sensors themselves and understand the workings behind them to then grasp their potential for my project.


Playing around with Arduino and the RGB lights.

Over the last week I have also been conducting some research related to my concept and what I will be trying to achieve with such. My research on feedback in digital technology showed that some important characteristics to have were feedback sign, comparison, tailoring, modality, frequency, timing and duration. The aim is to alter the user's habits by presenting them with behavioural feedback. I have planned to incorporate this into my project where the user will receive specific feedback relative to which energy consumption habit they are in breach of. In regards to energy use in the home, one of the papers I read stated that in needed to be in everyday life, attractive, interesting and accessible to all household members to create discussion between different members about their consumption. This also fits in with the project theme requirement of being a novel, playful interaction.

Work to Do

I still need to break work on implementing the technology aspects in my project (focusing on the temperature and light sensors for the meantime) and then finding a solution for my form. I would like to have this completed soon so that I can complete user testing after and alter the results accordingly.

Work that Inspired/Interested Me

I started to really struggle for inspiration on my form and what materials to use. I was getting frustrated and started to even look for a snowman that I could buy and use as my form instead of building it like I was planning. Upon a little trip on Pinterest, I found some really cool and creative ways that people have made snowmen with stuff they have around the house. As a lot of people don't get snow in their area, people have posted their own snowmen and it gave me more inspiration to easy at-home ways that I can build my device if I cannot achieve what I envisioned.


Week 7 - Concept

Jessica Tyerman - Sat 25 April 2020, 4:50 pm

What is my concept / individual focus for the project?

Emily is an energy-saving product that monitors the users' energy consumption and alerting them of any misuse. My main focus is on families who are familiar with technology and are likely to incorporate it into their house and interact with it frequently. This alters the assumptions that may occur about the users and the way the product is designed for the user to interact with Emily. As many adult users are aware of what is good and bad energy use, my focus is more on constant reminders and changing of habits rather than learning about it. The user will be able to interact with the product via sight, sound and potentially touch. The user would be able to alter the inputs and then respond to the outputs. Whilst the outputs should be annoying to the user, it should still be perceived in a playful manner so that the user doesn't just dismiss the product and stop using it.


This is a sketch of my planned form with the inclusion of materials that I have proposed to use and technology that I hope to incorporate into the form.

What is my ideal finished product?

My ideal finished product would be able to detect multiple misuses of energy such as: if the airconditioning/heater is on and it's the same temperature outside, if a door to outside was left open while the airconditioning was on, if the lights or TV are left on when no one is in the room or if the shower was run for too long. I am currently envisioning a snowman that users can incorporate into their house and create a connection to. Ideally, the product would be made out of a hard plastic that is translucent enough so that users can see light colour changes and hear sounds but not see the contents inside. The device will react by flashing/changing LED lights, making noises and vibrating to attract attention in a playful yet slightly annoying way. The user could respond to the device by touch and then have a change of action (ie. stopping the bad habit). It could also react to voice commands but still requires the user to stop the energy consumption habit immediately otherwise the device will react again.

Attempting ProtoPutty

Jessica Tyerman - Fri 24 April 2020, 9:55 am

On Wednesday I attempted to play around with ProtoPutty! My little sister was very keen to join in on making a little mess and we set up an area outside to play around. It took us a while to even just open and get out the silicone but once we got it all out and working, the time was on. You only have about 10 minutes before it starts to harden so I didn't plan on taking this attempt too seriously but just seeing how it worked/failed. We added a fair bit of pink food dye and then squeezed out (what felt like) a lot of silicone. It got really messy and the cornflour seemed to help calm that but just not enough. It was sticking to the gloves and it became too hard to try to stretch out so we rolled it up into a nice ball which then formed quite nicely. It set pretty face and is just like a little bouncy ball. Even though I squeezed a lot of silicone into the bowl, we ended up with a really small product. A lot of silicone was also stuck to the gloves so we lost all that but I feel like I would need A LOT of silicone for what I was wanting to do.

After it kind of failed, I looked into other youtube videos of protoputty trying to understand other people's techniques and methods. One girl commented that it actually sticks badly to latex gloves so she took them off. She also used dish soap and water instead of cornflour which was interesting. I'm keen to try again and see how that works out as I really like the idea of using silicone to even create moulds to then create the form. It was a messy experiment but in the end it was still a bit of fun and an opportunity to get outside.

I really would like to try working with resin as well but I've heard that's also messy and hard to work with and I don't actually have any so it would take a while to order it and get it shipped. For now, my focus will still be trying again with Protoputty and seeing if any of the tips would work and then if all else fails I can work with paper mache for this prototype.

Imgur Imgur

Week 6 Recap

Jessica Tyerman - Sat 11 April 2020, 7:33 pm

This week things definitely started to pick up! We had our first piece of assessment for the Physical Computing Project and the starting step to breaking down and creating a solution to our problem space. We have really progressed our thoughts since the presentation we completed. I have a much better idea of what our end goal is and what my product will entail.

I'm interested in creating a form that can have an emotional impact on the user and create motivation for them to improve their energy consumption. An idea/inspiration I had when brainstorming potential forms was Olaf, the snowman from Frozen. He brings a lot of emotion to a snowman which creates that connection between the audience and the character.

There is still a lot of planning to do for the next step in this project. I need to start breaking down my plan from the proposal even further and begin working on that (I probably won't start that until after the Easter break though).

For now, my focus is becoming more comfortable with Arduino. We had a tutorial on it on Thursday and my goal over the break is to play around with it more and with the different sensors to see what will work well in my project. I was having a browse on Jaycar today on different Arduino sensors and there are so many cool sensors to play around with! I saw one that can detect alcohol levels which can dupe as a breathalyzer which would have worked perfectly for this cup idea a few of us were talking about at the beginning of the semester. The idea was a cup that you could bring to a social outing that would detect alcohol levels and change colours when you were getting close to the limit and then becoming over the limit. This would have been great when you're designated driver and you're not quite sure on your intolerance level and what percentage of alcohol your drink is thus not knowing whether you're under the legal limit to drive. Whilst this sensor is no way helpful for Energy Saving Emily, it was still a pretty cool sensor and I was really interested in exploring what other sensors can do/detect and what you can build from that.

Week 5 - Studio & Update

Jessica Tyerman - Wed 1 April 2020, 10:28 pm

Wednesday Studio

Today was our first studio split up into our designated days. We had some administrivia at the start and with the upcoming restrictions by the government, we are no longer allowed access to the workshop. This makes things potentially a little harder but also wasn't unexpected. We still have access to the teaching team and their knowledge over the online platforms so we will make do with what we have. We discussed three different approaches that our team can take when building our project. We discussed this many times last week and we've agreed to all work on the same concept with same or similar sensors and all produce our own form of Emily. This means the large physical aspect of the project will easily be able to be worked on in our own houses but we can still work on programming and sharing tips and documentation on the online platforms.

Everyone in the studio then participated in reporting back to the rest of the studio about our progress as individuals and as a team and our concerns moving forward. It was really comforting to hear everyone else have the same concerns and that everyone will be in the same boat.

This issue of access to user groups was a concern that came up in the studio today. As our team is focusing on typical families in the house environment, we all have access to that (at this point, it's pretty much 24/7 access - which I guess is a positive to this lockdown).

Update on Progress

Our team seems to be on track with our progress. We haven't started our report yet but we have put our focus on our concept and research. We still have to complete the team section and I have yet to begin the individual part of the report.

I started to conduct some basic research on our concept and domain. One article would give me slightly more information that would then lead me to another article/topic. It even was just interesting to see what people had to say about negative reinforcement and the term cognitive dissonance. According to the Encyclopedia of the Sciences of Learning, cognitive dissonance is

"a psychological phenomenon which refers to the discomfort felt at a discrepancy between what a person already knows or believes and new information or interpretation which contradicts prior knowledge or beliefs."

I also attempted to play around with Arduino but it failed miserably. I followed the instructions to attempt the first exercise but the board kept turning off whenever I plugged it all in. I don't quite know why but I will resume learning Arduino next week after the report. There looks like there's some pretty cool equipment within the Arduino though and I'm interested to see what more we can build with it.

Week 4 Recap

Jessica Tyerman - Sun 29 March 2020, 5:20 pm

The past two weeks have been absolutely crazy. They have definitely tested our limits, very early in the semester, and introduced us into the online life. UQ has moved all courses online and this changed how Physical Computing will run. Due to the current social distancing rules and government advice, we are unable to meet up in person. We have made multiple calls on Facebook to discuss our thoughts and our plans for the group work. After making sure we were on the same thought process, we were able to delegate tasks over Facebook and then rejoin after we had finished our work to finalise our presentation.

These two weeks I worked on developing our idea with my team and then designing a sketch for our product, "Emily". I focused on writing up our intended experience and how it fits into the domain. The sketch was a very basic design of what we were envisioning if we created Emily as a ball. After we received feedback and were able to discuss it amongst each other and the teaching team, we were able to look into different forms and how we could all even incorporate separate ones as our individual Emily. We received some mixed feedback from the studio (as many concepts will) but the general consensus was well. We have discussed the bigger idea of Emily and are happy with what we have created so far. After listening to my peers' presentations, I could understand the input and outputs that others have created and gain more inspiration.

In regards to our concept, our team still needs to nitpick at our idea and refine what we aim to create. We need to decide how we want to delegate work for our final form. I need to conduct research into negative reinforcement and how people respond to objects in their house. This should help our team find a direction and solidify our concept. This will then help us in writing our proposal, which is the next assessment piece due.

Week 3 Recap

Jessica Tyerman - Sun 15 March 2020, 8:49 pm
Modified: Sun 15 March 2020, 8:49 pm

Work Done

During the World Cafe, we moved from table to table, exploring different themes with different ideas. I got to get a glimpse at many different themes and then understand what others viewed it as. The whole day was full of continuous brainstorming, fast thinking and building upon others ideas. This was a great mindset to get into to start brainstorming for the theme we were most interested in. Even though I never actually sat at the "change through discomfort" table, I went to other tables with similar concepts and could still build an understanding and insight into the ideas that can stem from them. On Wednesday we met our group members and got to know them. We discussed how we work and what we want from this course and this group. We also started brainstorming ideas.

How It Relates

Participating in the World Cafe allowed us to widen our thoughts and delve deeper into the ideation process, producing more results. This helped when trying to go through the ideation process with my team. We were able to generate a mass amount of ideas, then focus on a few we liked and break them down more and then flesh it out.

Work to Do

Our team needs to continue through the process and solidify an idea for our project. We agreed to continue to flesh out potential ideas before agreeing on a particular one. This will then lead into the beginning of the proposal due in Week 6.


When brainstorming, the inspirations mainly came from bad habits that I do but know I shouldn't such as loving to spend time in bed or biting my nails!

Week 2 Recap

Jessica Tyerman - Sun 8 March 2020, 2:25 pm
Modified: Sun 8 March 2020, 2:25 pm

Work Done

This week the contacts consisted of everyone in the class presenting their ideas. My idea was a patch that children can wear to monitor their volume in situations where they require to be quiet and respectful of others. After listening to everyone's idea, we created themes based off those ideas. There was a common theme around health and fitness but the class worked to break down the themes into their underlying themes.

How it Relates

Whist I was listening to others present their idea, I realized that my idea focused heavily on positive and negative reinforcements in the form of a visual representation. Due to my target audience (children) this was an easy learning experiment for them. Whilst growing up, children typically need to learn certain actions and words are appropriate or unacceptable. This was not a common theme among the class, with most people focusing on ideas that they could directly relate to.

Work to Do

Next week we will be participating in a World Cafe which we seem to dive further into our interests and then get grouped with others with the same interests. Until the next contact, I hope to look into the themes created and a further look into my peers blog posts to grasp a deeper understanding of the themes that are emerging. I want to start already thinking about themes that interest me so I have a clearer mindset headed into the World Cafe.

Work that Inspired/Interested Me

I enjoyed the idea of positive and negative reinforcement as a basic way of learning. I use this method with my dogs and it also works well with children. My nieces often don't understand when they can and cannot talk and how loud they're being. They either talk over the top of someone or don't use their inside voice. They were my main inspiration for my idea.

Whilst listening to other classmates' ideas, it was fun to think about alterations or additions that could be made to some ideas or could be added to my own idea.

Kids Be Shh

Jessica Tyerman - Tue 3 March 2020, 12:31 am
Modified: Tue 3 March 2020, 12:38 am


Kids Be Shh is a waterproof patch that attaches to the arm or hand of a school aged child. The patch remains a slightly, transparent green colour until the child should reach an unacceptable level. At this point the device will alert the user by turning the colour yellow. If the user continues to use an unacceptable volume, the patch will turn red and the offence will be recorded. Each time the ‘red zone’ was entered, it will be displayed on the patch. The data recorded can then be access by those required (such as teachers or parents).



The patch is designed for use in situations where children struggle to understand social etiquette and appropriate noise levels. The patch was designed with a classroom situation in mind; where there is an interactive activity taking place that requires the children to listen and respond appropriately thus using their “inside voices”. The patch could also be used at home in situations such as quiet time or bedtime as well as during family car rides. The children can be rewarded from low records, encouraging those to not enter the “red zone” continuously.


The aim is to encourage children to be cautious of their volume and when it is their turn to speak. By alerting the user when they are becoming too loud, it promotes awareness and thus actions on their volume level. Children are reinforced to listen to those speaking and learning when it is their turn to speak. It can also assist the user in learning different situations and their appropriate levels of volume. Learning proper social etiquette at a young age will help develop skills to assist with communication and social interactions later in life.


NIOSH Sound Level Meter App -

Wearable Technology in the Classroom

My noisy nieces :D


learning #socialetiquette #noise #kids

Who Am I?

Jessica Tyerman - Fri 28 February 2020, 10:37 pm
Modified: Fri 28 February 2020, 10:38 pm

Who Am I?

My name is Jessica Tyerman and I am in my final semester. Woohoo! Outside of uni, I spend a lot of time doing all things big and small with my family and my partner. I also spend a great amount of time with my two dogs who make for great study companions. I love to relax with some sweet, milky chocolate and a hot cup of tea. I enjoy travelling around the world and exploring new cities or revisiting old ones.


What Am I Hoping to Learn/Achieve?

During this semester, I'm looking forward to continue to learn how to begin the design process. This includes starting with an idea and developing it further and reiterating through the design process. I am also interested in working to produce a physical product. I haven't worked with physical material since DECO1100 which I feel changes the dynamic and allows you to venture into different pathways. Whilst this is a 4-unit course and is a higher workload, this should then allow us to spend twice as long on our project compared to what we would typically be able to in other courses. Whilst I'm obviously interested in what my team will produce, I'm also really interested in seeing the other teams' outcomes at the exhibition.