Multifunctional mask

Yubo Zhuo - Sun 1 March 2020, 11:50 am
Modified: Sun 1 March 2020, 9:12 pm


The idea is to help autistic children and people with deaf/ mute.

Work Process:

Voice function --> information output on mask-screen

  • Help autistic/silent children -->Encourage communication/visual transmission of information
  • It can also be used in special occasions

Voice function --> Translation function --> information output on mask-screen

  • Impaired Verbal Communication

Auto-Scan Gesture UI Function --> Translation function or not --> information output on mask-screen

  • Help deaf and mute people to transmit information quickly / communicate with normal people who can not sign language / there won't have a language barrier

For a different level:

(1) Hard-of-hearing people: they are neither fully deaf nor fully hearing, also known as culturally marginal people [22]. They can obtain some useful linguistic information from speech.

(2) Culturally deaf people: they might belong to deaf families and use sign language as the primary source of communication. Their voice (speech clarity) may be disrupted.

(3) Congenital or prelingual deaf people: they are deaf by birth or become deaf before they learn to talk and are not affiliated with Deaf culture. They might or might not use sign language-based communication.

(4) Orally educated or postlingual deaf people: they have been deafened in their childhood but developed speaking skills.

(5) Late-deafened adults: they have had the opportunity to adjust their communication techniques as their progressive hearing losses.