Post Exhibition

Bowen Jiang - Mon 15 June 2020, 3:52 pm

Final tasks & outcomes

It was intense in the last two weeks, cause we still left a number of tasks. The map is a huge issues due to the limited material choice. Yet, we need our map to have the features that attract users' attention. Therefore, the ornament should be at least eye-catching. Based on this rule, we chose to full in the blank area with grass and add light color labels on it. It is hard to find real grass, so we used a green towel instead. Cover it over the hardboard turns up a satisfying result.


The irregular edge of the route is not the artifact issues, instead, it leaves the space for the robot to turn itself. And the circles represent one step (one forward command distance).

Final product

  • Some sketches of pixel-style figures for our project:
ImgurImgur ImgurImgur
  • Final concept & demonstration

Enjoy the peaceful moment

Cheer for the survival in the final exhibition and salute to all tutors and classmates, especially, to my great teammate Solomon who brings a great contribution to our project. It is a tough semester that every experience is unexpected but precious. Besides, it is definitely a pity that no one can actually interact with our project during the exhibition. Anyhow, for my personal perspective, our team accomplished the majority of the initial goals and successfully explore the robot-based interactions' effect on teaching programming. And it is time for us to enjoy a short enjoyable moment.