Project Ideas & Inspirations Elevator voice control system

Edward Zhang - Mon 2 March 2020, 11:34 pm
Modified: Thu 5 March 2020, 3:14 pm


This is an elevator system controlled by sound. It is mainly composed of three parts, infrared detection device, floor display device and sound control system. This will greatly facilitate people to choose the floor in the elevator, directly and conveniently choose the floor by voice, and try to avoid touching the public area.

Design intention

Because of the recent outbreak, viruses have been found to spread in a variety of ways, one of which is by attaching to objects. The original intention of my design is to minimize the user's contact with public objects. According to recent Chinese research on the new coronavirus, the virus has an aerosol shell, meaning it can stick to objects for at least five days as it spreads. So I designed this elevator that was controlled by sound.

Why is it important?

Firstly, through voice control, users can reduce their contact with public areas and prevent the spread of diseases. In addition, voice control elevator can make the operation more accurate. In addition, it is difficult to press the elevator floor when there are a lot of people in the elevator, which can be avoided by voice control. In addition, the way of saying the floor or this special keyword by voice is also a means of social communication, so that people who are on the same floor but do not know each other can have a chance to chat.

Sensing system

The infrared function is to determine the number of passengers on the elevator, to check the number of passengers using the elevator each time, so as to avoid as far as possible, the number of selected floors and the number of passengers up. In addition, the use of infrared ray can prevent some people from choosing many floors maliciously, bringing inconvenience to others.

Visual display interaction

The function of the display is to record all the floors that have been selected and make reminders for passengers. The display is located above the door inside the elevator. It's so high that all the passengers can see it. This screen will record the floor said by passengers through Numbers. Maybe some passengers will say the floor they want to go to through keywords, but still show the floor they want to go to in the form of Numbers. If a passenger names a duplicate floor, the number on the screen will alert them with a flashing interactive display.

Voice control and interaction

The main voice control system is at the top of the elevator's interior. Its main function is to collect passengers named floor, and take passengers to the corresponding floor function. It can identify the number of multiple floors at the same time. For example, when a large number of passengers enter the elevator at the same time, many passengers will definitely say the floor they want to go to. When passengers say the specific floor, the voice system will record and feedback at the same time. The voice system not only records the number of floors to be visited by passengers through Numbers, but also converts the number of floors to be visited by passengers through keywords.

What can be improved

In this initial design, because my original intention is to solve a problem and get the idea, so in this design is more in line with the actual needs.

To make the idea more interesting and practical, I also designed some features that can be added later. First, in terms of voice control, users can not only say that a specific floor has reached a certain floor, but also use some keywords to reach the corresponding floor, such as the company name or company features.