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Week 13 - Journal

Edward Zhang - Tue 9 June 2020, 1:29 am
Modified: Tue 9 June 2020, 1:33 am


  • Many restrictions have been lifted on June 1, what do you most expect to do? Summarize concepts in one sentence.

I really want to eat in the restaurant with many friends,

  • If you have a magic wand and can use it throughout the project, what do you want it to do? (Specifically, I know that all of you want it to "finish"-what is the one thing you really want it to accomplish?).

I really want users to experience more activities in my project. Imagine a game I recently played, JUST Dance. I really like this. The time for a song is not only relaxing but also very happy

  • What is your most pressing problem now? (It doesn't have to be related to the project, it can be more widely related to courses, universities, life and the universe).

Graduation smoothly, got a good grade, so that I can start my next plan

Final work

It's finally the last week, and I'm really nervous now.

I redrew the map of the maze.

Imgur Imgur

Then I took a formal demo video of my prototype

Then I also made my portfolio


Ready for Exhibit!


I am very grateful to my teaching team, and most of you have been with me for two years of master time. Special thanks to Lorna. The first lesson I came to UQ two years ago was the conatct of your digital prototype. Now that two years have passed, I really learned a lot. Thanks. Then I would also like to thank my team. Although there is not a lot of face-to-face communication, it still gives me a lot of help.

Week 12 - Journal

Edward Zhang - Tue 9 June 2020, 12:47 am
Modified: Tue 9 June 2020, 12:48 am


One sentence description of concept

  • My concept is to help college students reduce the pressure from sitting at the desk for a long time.

Show us what you’ve been working on

  • From last week to now, my main work is to draw the maze for the maze game I made, and the production of the balance board

Exhibit in 2 weeks-main priority to make it feel “finished”?

  • For me, my prototype is basically complete if the main function of controlling the balance ball is realized. Because the implementation of this part is indeed the most complicated of the prototype's mechanism functions.

Questions about the annotated portfolio?

  • There are not too many doubts, because I have drawn the framework of the annotated portfolio
Imgur Imgur Imgur Imgur Imgur Imgur

Prototype process:

When I first made the maze, I used the manual construction method because I felt too much trouble, so I now learned a 3DMax software. Although the learning of this software took a while, the learning process is still smooth, but In contrast, the software for building simple 3D models is much stronger than Unity. After playing, I imported the maze into Unity. At first, I didn’t do a lot of operations, but this week when I officially went to the maze, the problem appeared. It always went through and I tried a lot of things. Unsuccessful.


Therefore, in the next process, I will rebuild the maze.

In addition, I also made the balance board.

Imgur Imgur

Week 11 - Journal

Edward Zhang - Sun 7 June 2020, 3:04 pm

Feedback and suggestions

My main task this week is to improve my prototype. I got a lot of important feedback from the prototype demonstration last week.

The suggestion from Team Mobody is that I want to give my users more freedom to set the focus time setting, and they think that my project is not very related to exercise. And in their suggestion, it is recommended that I set some short leave options, so as to meet the temporary needs of users sometimes.

The suggested feedback from Team Twisted is that the prompt feedback should be more obvious, and even try a variety of reminders. In addition, the game should be more complex and diverse, increasing the difficulty of the game and making the game more attractive.

The feedback from Team Bat Sqwad has caused me a lot of reflection. First of all, they asked me what is the purpose of choosing a balance ball. Indeed, when conceiving a balance ball game, I did not consider the reason for choosing it and decided to choose a balance ball. The maze game is just a homeopathic thinking process. It is true that at this stage I should do more research and discussion to make the game a more reasonable cause, which may better meet the needs of users and more Targeted. In addition, they provide a good idea of ​​how to better provide the user experience after the game ends, such as adding rewards to encourage users to exercise more, and how to make users get better decompression.

Imgur Imgur Imgur

Main opinions and improvement directions

  • Re-set the distance sensor
  • Allows users to set the time according to their needs
  • Add more operable functions to the time sitting at the desk
  • Improve the reminder method to make the reminder more obvious and efficient
  • Increase the difficulty of balance ball game
  • Add rewards or levels to the balance ball

Week - 10 Journal

Edward Zhang - Sun 7 June 2020, 1:47 am

This week’s prototype Demonstration and prototype appraisal, our group watched the videos and documents of Team Mobody, Team Zoo Keeper, Team BAT SKWAD, and Team Negative Nancies. We found many interesting ideas and interactions from them. The concept also brings us a lot of inspiration and inspiration. For example, their interactive robots cleverly combine many common sensors, such as distance sensors, pressure sensors, and even receive and transmit infrared signals. These concepts are really attractive, and if you have the opportunity, you really want to try them.

Imgur Imgur Imgur

I also got a lot of reflection from this demonstration and appraisal. First of all, I have to have a broader thinking about my own prototype. Sometimes I may be limited in my ideas. I should start from the source. Divergent thinking to think about more interactive ways. But this is not just thinking about increasing the interaction mode, but from a practical point of view and the user's point of view, so as to make each function more practical. In the prototype display of Team BAT SKWAD, I saw that they not only used the anthropomorphic design, but also shortened the distance between people and machines, and their humorous voice feedback, they laughed every time they heard Out loud. Not only that, but they also pay attention to the design of the appearance, which can not help me reflect on my work. Often after finding a focus, I often overlook other places. For example, the appearance of my prototype needs to be strengthened this time.

Week 9 - Journal

Edward Zhang - Thu 28 May 2020, 5:23 pm


The prototype will be delivered in a week. By this time, many problems of the prototype have begun to be exposed, which makes me very anxious.

The sensitivity of the accelerometer is too high, so a little shaking will give great feedback. In addition, the connection between Arduino and Unity is too unstable, it is difficult to last a long time. In addition, in Unity, the ball is difficult to last on the plane, and it will fall or pass through after touching the plane.

What have you achieved in the last week towards your prototype goals?

Compared with the work of last week, my main focus this week is on the stability of the connection of various parts. I am very happy that all the functional parts can be connected together with the efforts of this week. It can be said that there is still some progress seen.

What are the last-minute tasks you need to complete before prototype submission next Monday?

The last thing I need to complete is to adjust the sensitivity of the accelerometer and make the connection between Unity and the accelerometer more stable.

What are you concerns / needs in regard to getting those done?

When completing these problems I mentioned, I will seek help in the workshop, hoping that my problems can be solved.

Prototype progress

Imgur Imgur

This Friday I went to Workshop to seek the help of a tutor. I am glad that my problem has basically been solved. I changed the speed of the speedometer's data transmission, so that it can effectively reduce its sensitivity, so that it is too sensitive to operate. The reason for this is that the transmission data in the original state of the accelerometer is too large, so a large amount of calculation is performed when each action occurs, so reducing the data transmission and only transmitting the valid data can make the operation stable.

In Unity, I added Position Constraint between the Plane and Cube I built, so that the various parts can be coordinated and stable.

Week 8 - Journal

Edward Zhang - Tue 26 May 2020, 11:44 pm

The Studio this Wednesday

The Studio this Wednesday

In the studio this week, we had a meeting to discuss a lot of problems according to the usual practice.

-What is the one BIG question you have about the Prototype deliverable?

I have always been worried about the delivery of the prototype, even though the appearance of my prototype is not very good so far, but the reason for this is that my prototype only needs to be combined with the table, and I need to pay more attention to the appearance arrangement in the following work.

-What is your key aim for your prototype (or part of the prototype)?

The main purpose of my prototype is to help people reduce the harmful effects of sitting for too long. Help people control the time in front of the desk, and through a casual game to help users to relax physically, this is a balance game, users can use this game to relax physically.

-what concerns or needs do you have for getting it done?

I have paid much attention to the completion of my prototype. First of all, I pay much attention to the prototype itself, because there are some problems in the stability of the connection during the test this week, so I pay much attention to the stability of the connection of various parts. In addition, I am very concerned about the game of my balance ball, because I use it in my hand in the prototype stage, but the final result should be on a balance board, I am worried about how to use the balance board. In addition, at the user level, what I care about very much is the user experience, but at this stage, it can be said that the user experience is still relatively satisfied.

Prototype progress

I used an accelerometer and a sound distance sensor.

The accelerometer is mainly used in the game, taking advantage of its gyroscope function. In this part, I connected it to Unity in the computer, so that I could see the progress of the whole game on the screen.

The excitation sensor is mainly used on the table to monitor the user's distance from the table. If it is too close, the indicator light on the table will light up.

Imgur Imgur

Week 7 - Journal

Edward Zhang - Fri 8 May 2020, 12:24 am
Modified: Tue 9 June 2020, 1:43 am

Halfway through the semester, things are getting tense. With half of the time, I feel my state is getting better and better. I think this is a good phenomenon, which makes my daily learning efficiency improve a lot.

This week my thoughts became more specific and focused. After the discussion in class this week, we focused more on how to coordinate the concepts in the group, because we had more members in the group, and then we decided on the research direction, and then we considered the work content of each member. Although it is relatively late to consider the problem of group concept, because we are discussing the concept more deeply, we need to consider more and more factors, so we will discuss this problem in detail again. Because some of our group members are not in the country, and it is not suitable to go out for parties now. Because of the policy of social distance, we cannot hold gatherings of more than three people. So after discussion we decided that everyone should do different concepts. Although the process of concluding concepts cannot be completed together, we, as a group, will communicate and contact more, help each other, and provide maximum support to each other.

Conceptual progress

This week, I mainly did research work. Because it is a special time, it is difficult to find some participants for interview and observation, so I searched all my friends to offer me as much help as possible.

Through the results of my interview, I summarized the following contents.

1- many students' stress comes from a concentrated period of time when they finish their assignments.

2- most of the students procrastinate seriously.

3- sit at your desk for a long time while you are busy with your assignments.

4- the usual way for students to relieve pressure is to play with their mobile phones.

5- many students have bad waists because they spend too much time at their desks.

6- exercise after a long period of study does not appeal to students

7- although most of the pressure on students comes from studying, it's not every day, but it's often.


I also made storyboard and personal

Imgur Imgur


This week I started prototyping, but since this was my first time working with Arduino, it took me a long time to learn. Because I already had a conceptual idea, I now have a clear idea of what features I need, so my learning is more targeted. At the same time, I also began to test each part. At the beginning, the progress was slow, and I still need to continue to learn.

Week 6 - Journal

Edward Zhang - Mon 27 April 2020, 8:56 pm


The Proposal of our team and the independent part of each team member have been successfully submitted this week. In the studio, we mainly researched and discussed alternative methods for further observation and interviews. There are many alternative ways for us in class, and then we choose to explore its pros and cons. I chose online video interviews and online questionnaires. Because we have identified our target users as students, we have the most contacts with participants who are similar to our status and status, so that we can easily find participants and get better data. But we still need to discuss the questions and format of our interview.

Plan for next week

The next week is Mid-break. I will use this week to make a good adjustment, because I feel that my recent state is not very good. I need to make an adjustment to meet the intense learning that has ended. I might go fishing, watch movies, read books and relax, not today, I will also learn Arduino during this holiday, and I have found tutorials on the Internet. Perhaps my direction of learning will focus on speed sensors and vibration feedback. Hope this is a pleasant holiday.

Week 5 - Journal

Edward Zhang - Mon 27 April 2020, 7:45 pm


During this week, our group encountered some changes, and one of the group members withdrew from our group, which made every member of us feel stressed. After discussing our situation with Lorna, our group was combined with another group that had the same situation as us, so that our group had a total of five members.

After the combination of the new group, we first carried out mutual familiarization of the group members. Each person introduced their respective areas of expertise and what contributions they could make to the group. Secondly, because of the recombination of the two groups, we all came to the group with different concepts, and we spent a lot of time to unify the concepts.

After this week's contact, we had a systematic discussion on the concept, and then we created a zoom room to invite Lorna to provide valuable ideas for our concept. Because we have directly discussed a new concept, and despite the relevant background and theoretical support, there is still a lot of preliminary research. The opinion we obtained from Lorna is that we need to re-discuss our target audience and problem area. , From the beginning to sort out, this can make our next research more directional, rather than based on imagination out of thin air.


After receiving constructive suggestions, our team members conducted a division of labor research. We reintegrated our two concepts after reorganization and re-evaluated the contents of the two concepts, focusing on the target audience and problem areas of the concept. Conduct detailed research and discussion. Combined with a series of research and analysis, we chose our problem domain to relieve people's daily pressure through exercise, and combined with various considerations, we selected our target user as a student group.

At the end of the week, we sorted out the outline of Proposal and assigned corresponding work to each member. Then we started to write Proposal.

Plan for next week

The arrangement for next week is to first complete the team's Proposal, and then submit it after integration and correction. I finally received the Arduino kit this week. I ’m finding resources on the Internet to learn it. Then this week I will find a concept to start designing and start making it.

Week 4 - Journal

Edward Zhang - Sun 26 April 2020, 10:48 pm

Team pitch

This week we delivered the presentation online, and all the teams presented the concept in a pre-recorded video. And at the end of each concept presentation we discussed concepts and gave opinions through Slack. During the two-day group concept presentation, different concepts were transferred among each group, and we gained a lot of improvement Suggestions and some new ideas during the discussion.


At the end of the speech, we collected the feedback of all speeches:

Affirmation of the concept:

  • Fun and healthy ways to de-stress
  • Interesting exploration can also help people exercise
  • Can relieve the pressure effectively

Good advice:

  • Add vibration sensor
  • Canceling the screen allows the user to respond to light and shadow
  • Judge people's stress
  • Relieve pressure in a more active way, such as by stroking the animal
  • Add sports and sports, re - select target users
  • Add a hit object, the space is not real
  • Learn the effects of stress relief
  • Explore a more targeted place to use
  • Explore a point that attracts people to interact with it every day.

Week 3 - Team

Edward Zhang - Fri 24 April 2020, 9:04 pm

Meet the group

This week we formed our group, and I'm delighted to be part of that group, which includes Vicky, Sylvia, Snow, and Edward, and our theme is the body as the controller. After a brief discussion, our group decided to call it 'Hi Distinction'.


Revolving around the main theme of our group, the concept of our group is first established through research and analysis of the problem domain. We decided to focus our concept on reducing people's pressure. Before determining our problem area, we had many discussions. At the beginning, our group had a lot of differences in the choice of concepts. Some said that they hoped to design the existing concepts, and some hoped that the concepts would be more With new ideas, there are other hope concepts that are more targeted. Due to the many differences, we have conducted many rounds of discussion on our concept. In the beginning, our concept was relatively broad, because we started from our subject body as a controller and conducted a divergent brainstorming. We discussed a lot of concepts that are not applicable, but after such discussions, we have a very broad scope. Finally, we lock our concept to a concept that is aimed at people's daily decompression and a concept that is aimed at people's daily climbing and climbing. We have some differences on these two concepts, and then we have a detailed discussion, and then we think that although the interactive methods of climbing-related concepts are very good, they are not enough for users to produce a long-term use. It ’s attractive and it ’s too big, so we decided to abandon this concept.

Therefore, our final concept is decided to help people to decompress this concept every day.

Week 3 - Soldering & Space induction & UQ innovate

Edward Zhang - Sun 29 March 2020, 1:25 pm

Imgur Imgur

We went to UQ innovate to visit and learn the use of tools here, and learned a lot of safety knowledge that should be paid attention to when using tools. There are a lot of devices that we can use here including 3d printers, laser cutters and so on. In addition, we also learned to make simple circuit board welding.

Week 3 - World Cafe

Edward Zhang - Sat 21 March 2020, 4:58 pm
Modified: Sun 22 March 2020, 2:10 am

World Cafe

On the Tuesday of the third week, we had world coffee. We divided the topics we summarized last week into four or five different tables with a moderator. Each group discussed the corresponding topics around different tables, and the concepts of the corresponding topics were placed on each table, and the discussion was conducted by the moderator.

Imgur Imgur Imgur

I feel this kind of form is very good, in understanding the ideas and concepts of each topic, I put forward my opinion and discuss with everyone. Such full concept communication enables me to have a comprehensive understanding of each topic, and when I am the host, I use my understanding to tell the story to others and deepen my understanding of the topic during this period.

In the subsequent voting process, each person has three votes, representing different degrees of tendencies and different times. I mainly leaned towards the body as controller, and then I voted for it.

Week 2 - Pitch & Theme

Edward Zhang - Fri 6 March 2020, 4:52 pm
Modified: Sat 21 March 2020, 4:56 pm


I did a personal concept presentation on Tuesday. What I'm showing you is a voice-controlled elevator, and the idea for me to design this was the idea for the new coronavirus from the world health security issue at the time. In addition, I found that many people around me were reluctant to touch the button of the elevator floor when they were riding in the elevator. Moreover, the elevator is a crowded and relatively closed environment suitable for virus survival. So I made this concept.

In the process, I found many interesting and imaginative concepts. For example, there is a concept of zooming people out using VR technology, which comes from toy story, and I thought it was interesting, because I love ant-man, so I wanted to play in that perspective. Another concept that I found interesting was the idea of a door that was encrypted with a handshake, which is not very practical, but it sounds really cool, but it's just a little weird.

Subject classification

After pitch, we classified the themes. Most people choose smart home, mental health, body controller, VR and AR, etc. This allows for a smooth classification of topics.

Imgur Imgur Imgur Imgur Imgur Imgur

Project Ideas & Inspirations Elevator voice control system

Edward Zhang - Mon 2 March 2020, 11:34 pm
Modified: Thu 5 March 2020, 3:14 pm


This is an elevator system controlled by sound. It is mainly composed of three parts, infrared detection device, floor display device and sound control system. This will greatly facilitate people to choose the floor in the elevator, directly and conveniently choose the floor by voice, and try to avoid touching the public area.

Design intention

Because of the recent outbreak, viruses have been found to spread in a variety of ways, one of which is by attaching to objects. The original intention of my design is to minimize the user's contact with public objects. According to recent Chinese research on the new coronavirus, the virus has an aerosol shell, meaning it can stick to objects for at least five days as it spreads. So I designed this elevator that was controlled by sound.

Why is it important?

Firstly, through voice control, users can reduce their contact with public areas and prevent the spread of diseases. In addition, voice control elevator can make the operation more accurate. In addition, it is difficult to press the elevator floor when there are a lot of people in the elevator, which can be avoided by voice control. In addition, the way of saying the floor or this special keyword by voice is also a means of social communication, so that people who are on the same floor but do not know each other can have a chance to chat.

Sensing system

The infrared function is to determine the number of passengers on the elevator, to check the number of passengers using the elevator each time, so as to avoid as far as possible, the number of selected floors and the number of passengers up. In addition, the use of infrared ray can prevent some people from choosing many floors maliciously, bringing inconvenience to others.

Visual display interaction

The function of the display is to record all the floors that have been selected and make reminders for passengers. The display is located above the door inside the elevator. It's so high that all the passengers can see it. This screen will record the floor said by passengers through Numbers. Maybe some passengers will say the floor they want to go to through keywords, but still show the floor they want to go to in the form of Numbers. If a passenger names a duplicate floor, the number on the screen will alert them with a flashing interactive display.

Voice control and interaction

The main voice control system is at the top of the elevator's interior. Its main function is to collect passengers named floor, and take passengers to the corresponding floor function. It can identify the number of multiple floors at the same time. For example, when a large number of passengers enter the elevator at the same time, many passengers will definitely say the floor they want to go to. When passengers say the specific floor, the voice system will record and feedback at the same time. The voice system not only records the number of floors to be visited by passengers through Numbers, but also converts the number of floors to be visited by passengers through keywords.

What can be improved

In this initial design, because my original intention is to solve a problem and get the idea, so in this design is more in line with the actual needs.

To make the idea more interesting and practical, I also designed some features that can be added later. First, in terms of voice control, users can not only say that a specific floor has reached a certain floor, but also use some keywords to reach the corresponding floor, such as the company name or company features.

Week 1 - Introduction

Edward Zhang - Sat 29 February 2020, 2:42 am

Who am I

My name is Zhengyang Zhang, and this is the last semester of studying interaction design at UQ.

In the previous learning process, I acquired a lot of skills, such as website design, graphic design, interaction design, and also learned to use a lot of software and code to assist my design during the learning process. I used my vacation time as an intern at an Internet company, and I learned a lot from it, and I have a new understanding of the practical use of the profession of interaction design. I have great interest in novel design and cutting-edge technology, and I hope to design a product that has a cool shape and provides convenience for people's lives.


I would like to make a summary and review of my previous interaction design learning in the course of this course. I would love to use all the skills I have learned. But in general, I still hope to learn more about the design and modification of prototypes. In addition, I am a very hands-on person. I would like to be more exposed to the use of 3d printing and laser printing, which is full of temptation for me.