Week 1

Tianyi Liu - Fri 28 February 2020, 5:57 pm

I'm Tianyi, 4th semester of postgraduate students in Interaction Design. Just managed to get back to Brisbane after a 14 days self isolation in Bangkok. I have some experience in group working and development in HCI program from the coursese in the last few semesters, and I have confident that these experiences might help me to be a good teammate in the future group work.

About Physical Computing

It's the last and most important course in our study plan, which I considered as a final application of all the methods and theories we have learned in the last 3 sems. Because of the timetable clash with some exams, I didn't attend the exhibition last year therefore I'm not sure what kind of achievements we are expected to done at the end of the course, but I know things won't be done without hard efforts.