Week 1

Iris Deng - Sat 29 February 2020, 1:29 pm
Modified: Tue 3 March 2020, 3:29 am


My name is Iris, I am studying interaction design. The major is very different from my previous major. Before I am studied industrial design during my undergraduate years. I like to listen to music, which is my hobby. When I have any spare time, I like to take a one-day tour during the holidays. I like to be exposed to different and new things, which is why I chose interaction design as my major. In the process of learning interaction design, I was exposed to new knowledge at every stage.

What I hope to achieve

Before, I can only design product on a laptop, I hope to create a real product in this course, also I will enhance my code skills and design skills. This course is very different from other courses, we only create some apps or webs. However, we need to learn how to link code and products, we will This course will be exposed to different interaction methods, and I hope to explore interaction design in more depth during future courses.