Week 1

Bowen Jiang - Mon 2 March 2020, 2:34 pm
Modified: Mon 2 March 2020, 3:10 pm

Contact 1

In the early contact, we discussed a lot about the self emotion toward this course. Apparently, everyone in the table was concerned about the stressful time and the heavy workload.


After that, we learned what is physical computing and find some examples of it. The one most impressed me is the paper plane (https://futurepark.teamlab.art/en/playinstallations/Paperplane), which uses fascinating light interacting with the flying paper plane. During the example sharing part, I listed some questions that I want to explore in future studies.

  • Why physical computing is such important and how does it matter to our daily life?
  • What are the common features of the majority system has among physical computing?

Based on those examples, I found that it always draws more attention by using attractive visual elements, like different kinds of lights and pixel images, and specific sounds while people interact with the system.

Contact 2

In the first part of the contact, we were allocated into groups to discuss the challenges. My topic is about accessibility and universal Access. It becomes a serious challenge because of the situation getting worse with technology developing. Here is the paper recording below:


In the remaining part of the contact, tutors conducted a design approach to help us gather design ideas by using the cards and instruction. It confused me in the first place and it is a little bit hard for me to generate ideas through those abstract instructions. Yet getting into this method, you would find it can help you to broaden the mind for designing with different angles.


Innovation induction

I have already known we gonna build some cool stuff in this course, but after I entered the space, I still got shocked by those laser cutting and rows of 3D printers there. The instructor showed us the basic usage of the bandsaw and gave us an opportunity to take a try. Though the first try would be perfect, I still learned a lot from the practice like the special technic to cut a curve by using multiple divisions. You will never truly know the cons and pros of each machine unless you practice it. Therefore, it would be great that we can have more chances to try those facilities there.

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