Week 1

Anson Cheung - Mon 2 March 2020, 3:52 pm
Modified: Sun 26 April 2020, 1:29 pm

Week 1


In this week, we have two class during the week. During the first class, what we have done first was written down the questions of the class, aspiration, concerns fears of the course, what we will learn or do during the semester. Before written down on the board we have discussion on each table and getting familiar with other students. What I have heard of this class was building a product that will be show in an exhibition locate in south bank. Lot of people will attend the exhibition and you need to explain the product to them. After the Loarna explain those concerns to us I get to know more about the class. After that we also had discussion about interesting physical project and critique them.

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Interesting Phy project

What a found this project interesting is the machine will be move forward and backward according how the singer song. It looks creepy but it also looks interesting.

Another one is a link I found at slack channel that publish by other student which when you water the plants the monitor that surrounding the plants will give the data how much you water you need on each plant. Which related to daily life giving me inspiration of the upcoming project.


On day2 we have been discussing about the article journal "Seven HCI Grand Challenges " and i was locate on challenge 7 social justice and democracy. The group have been talking about the lack of examples the article givens and what hci brings benefit into social justice, The description we end up is when designers design a product , he/she not only focus just the target audience needs and requirement he should also care how the product will changes the environment as jump outside of the box.


After the break We have working on a game that give you certain sentence and you need to generate ideas no matter it sounds crazy. Below are ideas my group think .


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Ideas :Smart Fridge

Smart Fridge is to solve user spend too much time on prepare the buying list before going to supermarket and monitoring the items quantity. When user buying milks or egg and more, they need to scan the item to by the scanner locate at the fridge. This input the quantity data and it will be showing on the monitor how much item you got in the fridge. The computer not only just recording the items quantity it also learns what you always buy and recommend on the buyer list.

The normal procedures are when the fridge is lack of certain items it will inform the users by showing warning on the fridge monitor then the user can print out the recommend buying list. After went to supermarket user have to scan each item update the record storage.



In this day work which have done give me a clue that what I have to build in the upcoming because originally, I thought just build another prototype like Deco2300 assignment which turns out complex more. Secondly this give me a thought that people can be turn a crazy idea into a prototype even in old times. There also a lot idea using in daily life with the physical interaction. This could be a good start of my idea which I can take some ideas in to mine.

In this activity I have keep trying to generate the idea however the word I get from the cards are bit weird like cooking in the funeral. This have limited my inspiration although I have few ideas but not ethical. This reflect me an idea that long time that I didn’t think of which is ethical. Like privacy or how computers affect society. I have been thinking if the ideas is working what impact it will bring to the scoiey is it going to make some worker lost their job or is everybody can use this product. Or even is it going to making trouble to other people. This remind me a lot when design my own product those elements with computing ethical.