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Exhibtion Days

Everything has been done and team CDI is ready for the exhibition day. To be honest, the first hearing doing an exhibition on discord this is weird. However, after introduced the prototype to first guest it just the same as a normal exhibition as another course.

Several feedbacks have been received about the demonstration physical interaction element are not enough as there is a better way to show to the guest. Beside of that the about greeting the guest I can do it much better.

An overall fun day to explore people works and doing a demonstration to guest

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Week 12

Group Work / Exhibition Preapation

After the audio activation have been implementing into the prototype, I have been touch the prototype anymore. Most of the time of this week I have been working at the portfolio of the website. There are 5 topics going to discuss in the portfolio. Product ideal, showcase video, technical spec, design process & blog and the team members information. During the coding phase, I have also looked at other teams' portfolio website in UQ zone to reference them the style and information. This gives me reflection that am I adding enough content and proper style of my portfolio? Therefore it helps me to improve my website any time.

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Prototype Broke:

Few days before the exhibition the post estimation features are completely broke and unusable. I have to spend a lot of time still I could not make it work. Therefore I have to look for another way to simulate how the posenet works. After the research, I have found that google learning machine can do this. TherefORE I quickly change my code into google learning machine standard and make it into image identification. Surprisluy it works smoothly than posenet and neural network.

After the changes, the prototype is functional I have to think about what I have done wrong during the development. I haven't considered what if the prototype is unusable at the exhibition day, as I don't have any backup plan for this kind of issues? Beside of that after the audio activation activates feature I haven't opened my prototype anymore. I should check my product every day to make sure there is no bug at all instead of leaving it behind. A huge mistake has been made luckily the issue has been discovered early.


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Week 11

Group Work / Idea Changes

On this week my work is to keep going with the prototype building which makes the pose identification more stable to use. However I still struggle with it, There are few guests have been making as make be the neural network are not working or the train data are not implemented properly. Beside of the making the prototype more stable more feature have been considering after the critique, one of the comment said the post is quite easy to perform and there might be some user accidentally perform it and they don’t want to change the screen inside the elevator. Therefore I have been considering to add a feature as the audio activation. Such as when the user says to turn on in front of the camera then the post estimation will turn on after it. This makes the product easier to use.

After research, I have chosen p5.speech js as the model to implement javascript. It provides Web Speech (Synthesis and Recognition) API functionality. It consists of two object classes (p5.Speech and p5.SpeechRec) along with accessor functions to speak and listen for text, change parameters (synthesis voices, recognition models, etc.), and retrieve callbacks from the system.

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Website Portfolio:

Have been started yet. but I have to go through deco1400 notes as the HTML CSS coding have to review once because I haven’t coded a website a long time. Therefore I will use bootstrap pre-write CSS to help me to build a reasonable website. Beside of review the basic code I have also watch website that made few semesters before to have a look what has to be include and the style I should follow.

Overall a quick review of coding and website will be starting next wee.

Week 10

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Group Work / Idea Changes

This week we have to critique other team works inside the course with 3 teams and watching their video introduce their works. Most of them are brilliant and I am very happy to see how other works working through the 10 weeks. Most of the video are well explained and well made. This reflects my video showcase as it is not well explained because there is not much live showcase most of it is words and background. This gives me inspiration on how to make a good showcase video. Besides I have received a lot of comment on more idea which most of them a valuable and adapt them to evaluate the idea. One of the most important questions is what is the poser represents and does it have any meaning? And this is the question I never thought this will have to improve before the exhibition.

Prototype Building and video showcase

My prototype mainly builds on posenet and neutral network. Posenet is used for post estimation and record the body xy asix data. The neutral network will use the data that record to train the data for post matching. This prototype mainly has 3 functions press key blind to record the body data. If you press “f” then the data record later will represent this variable. Another function is to train the data for post matching the last one is post matching with the data yo record . However the post matching system are not stable sometimes I can’t be used. This will improve in the next prototype.

Video Showcase lINK



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Group Work / Idea Changes

After the research phase of the target audience, the design of the individual project has been started and building the prototype. Before confirming and lock in the concept and I have discussed with my team member about my original idea which user finish a simple puzzle outside of the elevator and change the screen of the flat monitor inside of the elevator. However, during decision and a user acceptance test both feedbacks are the interaction are cause too long time even the puzzle are easy or not. For example, a situation if the user is doing the puzzle and the elevator has arrived on the floor, the user might just give up and go into the elevator. Therefore the concept might not work in the actual world. This reflects me that I did;t not considered enough the actual experience like time issue or social awareness, in this case, I only do what I like to do and this is not proper project development.

Therefore, I have changed my concept into the pose identification to change the screen inside the elevator as it uses less time to operate this interaction and there is common technology between other members works.


Prototype Building

After lockin the concept I have been looking for how can I code the pose identification feature to use in my prototype which I found out there is a pre-train mode call posenet that can be used to estimate the pose of a person in an image or video by estimating where key body joints are. By estimating the key body joints xy asix we can compare it and use it to pose matching to activate something.

This week still working on coding and hopefully, there will be a prototype next week which can use on testing to evaluate it.


Website of the tensor flow about the posenet

Week 8

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ClassWork / Group Work

During this week on the general report, we have report our concept is and how the concept develops between each individual project. My individual project is focused on how children or student user elevator and special changes around them for the idea. After the report back a team meeting has been conducting and discussed how team member going to explore the target audience. This week group work has given me hints or direction which formed have to use as during covid19 restriction. Sometimes doing group work can give you a clue where other tea members were doing and you can ask them how to do it. This method helps you to found the best way to fit your need for the interview or even other works.

User Interview

As above mentioned asking how other member did give me a direction to conduct a video chat interview for understanding what the target audience needs and confirm the user ages group. Because I have to know which age group of children are suitable to use the product. Therefore I have been conducting an interview with my cousin and their friend which ages from 5-10 and 3-5. There are few questions have been asked to them and parents 1: What are your normal activities inside the elevator? 2. What experience do you expect to ride an elevator?3: Do you care how other people see you doing weird action outside the elevator ( social awareness)

Overall the children are expecting an interesting and interactive experience no matter inside or outside the elevator and ages 5-10 children are more stable to use the product. The user interview gives me a clue what the target audience need and expect. This helps me to design my product more easily and accurately target their need. However, there are some I didn’t do well before the interview as I don’t have enough research about the audience first. Therefore the question is not detailed enough. Therefore it should have more preparation before the interview.


week 7

Anson Cheung - Sun 26 April 2020, 5:13 pm

Week 7

Wed class

Just liken normal wed class we have present what we are going to do in upcoming week and what we going to spend time on the holiday. Most people are talking about Arduino kit they are going to follow the tutorial and familiar it. For me because I have some experience and working on Arduino therefore, I choose to review back my old product instead of doing the tutorial. Beside of that I will spend time on what target audience I am working for in the individual project. End up I am going to focus on kids there are going to use the elevator. As in the core idea I think kid usage are not consider at all first they won’t have enough word knowledge to play the game that to keep the elevator going up beside of that it thinks kids are more on graphic instead of words. Words are kind of difficult to understand for them. However, this must proof by the research, and this will be done on upcoming week.

Arduino tutorial

In this class tutor have spend lot of doing talking around Arduino basic coding and the feature. Instead of looking through the tutorial I have spent time review what I have done on deco2300 Arduino project. I have created an air pump that simulate pumping air into car tire. Which I have use a light sensor to use as input for the unity interface. The light sensor detects the light if it is darker then the normal stat it will used as input. This reflect me what I can do in the upcoming project as what sensor I should use. Because original I remember I want to use sound sensor to detect the air pump sound and it can input into the interface, however I found out that the input is not stable at all. This give me back the memory that I can try out different sensor to use in my prototype as I don’t have to just use one sensor at one prototype. I can explore more on the kit instead just staying in my comfort zone,

group work

In this week group work we have discussed our own topic and what we going to do. Especially what we going to build the frame for the elevator. Due to the limited resources I have chose not to build one instead I am going to use the elevator that located inside my apartment. Which make sense and save me a lot of time.


Anson Cheung - Tue 7 April 2020, 2:16 am

Week 6

Week 6 Studio

What we have done in studio is listening with the admin staff and reporting our work in front of the class. Each have 10 mins decided they work and present. Our team have selected format 3 which we have the same domain, but we will investigate and research on different target audience. During the discussion I have started planning what I am going to do on my part and the work I must done within this week. And we all present it to Lorna, I think this report section is very important and helps me a lot to work what out am I on track or not, if not what I have to catch up. Even I am on track is there any problem I must specified to ask. Turn out on group report my team and I are on track however there are no effort on induvial work and journals. Lot of changes and work must do. This reflect me must mark down what I must do more often because I am not on track at all this will make me left behind a lot.

Workshop / Tutorial

On workshop we didn’t spend lot of time on asking tutor question we come up a big question how we can do testing and prototype on the restriction on coved 19. Turn out we must do more online survey or other type of prototype instead of physical one. This remind me the DECO2300 which must make digital prototype. This make me rethink how I can design my testing section and report

On report time we spend time on research the induvial part , I have spend time on what specific group I have to work on which I found out if there are different age group like elder and kids using together is the evaluator still working ? Are there any changes must made to adapt the specific group? This is my core concept of my owns works which I will discover more on upcoming week and work out the due dates of each task.

Overall this week nothing really progress accept on the group work , this reflect me have to keep more record on what I am working on to keep on track of the class otherwise I will lose out quickly.


Anson Cheung - Mon 30 March 2020, 11:37 pm

Week 5

Week 5

In this week the class mostly work on the team presentation, critique and getting feedback from the tutor. This is the first week we work on zoom, I found out that is a quite special experience as you can’t really talk to your classmates and discussed the idea together as everybody are mute. This cause me some time to adapt to this teach style. What a learn from this teach style is spend more time on the chat room or slack to discuss with the classmate to make it more interaction with other students, this can let me more focus on the class and gain more feedback from it.

Preparation for the presentation

Before the presentation we have discussion how we going to present it by video therefore we spend time on writing the script and filming the role play. I have spent time on filing the role play footage. This give me chance to review the skill of making video and drawing the graph of intend user each action. I learn that before filming any video footage a plan or user story map essential it help you to decrease the time of filing the footage as you will know what angle or outcome you will get base on the user story map. Also, when writing the script, we have also spent time to practice and record the time to reach the standard of the presentation.

Feedback and review of the presentation

Overall the feedback from other students are good, most of them think the idea is interesting turning a boring place into fun interaction. However, what I have revived there are also lot of concern of the idea first if the elevator is located on a busy building is the user really perform the dancing inside the elevator, secondly there are consideration for user that unable to walk or see. Thirdly we have no use the whole space for the elevator to perform interaction such as the roof. Therefore, after the presentation the team deicide to change the place to interact to outside of the elevator.

Base of the feedbacks I learn that when creating the idea, I should not just focus on how fun or interesting of the idea is, I must also consider other user group that might causing trouble when they user the product. Think 1 more step ahead and out of the box is the key of success idea.

Week 3

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Week 3

Re- Attempt of Project InspirationOn second attempt my idea has change to Shower singer controller:

So, what does shower singer controller do it replacing the new system that turn on the water and turn on the water output. When a user singing in the bathroom the water supply will start and output continually, when the user wants to turn off it, he must clap his hand 3 times. This could make the process more interesting . The system not only related to turn on and off, when user want to change the temperature, the system will change warmer or colder water depend on the type of the song. If the user singing a rap song, he could get change to much warmer, if it is a classic love song it might get colder. Type of song to change the temperature can be modifying anytime.

Inspiration and problem space.

The inspiration of the idea is when I go to the beach, when you want to use the show you have to keep pressing the button to continue the water output therefore lot of people keep press it until they leave. The water output a longtime even they leave this cause a lot of water wastage, Beside of that when I thinking this idea at I heard my housemate singing while he is taking a bath therefore I want to match up these 2 ideas together to make it more fun and solving the problem space.


World Cafe

In this week we have done a world café that we locate on each table and recreate or explore more ideas on certain problem space. There are few spaces I really like to explore is change through reward. On this topic discuss we could do on potential project. We have divided those into groups changing user metal health, physical health, sustainability, health lifestyle and education. We could force kids to eat greens and matching the idea they use their iPad during their dinner. Maybe if they have eaten their greens for 5 days, they can user their iPad. Secondly, we have discussed visualization of the person lifestyle such as you go to gym and you run enough time there can be an item to present. This problem space has lot of potential to explore and I quite enjoy generating ideas while this topic World café make me recreate or redesign more ideas and this give me a lot of reference to resubmit my project inspiration. I also think this is way better to just think on your won as everyone got different view or ideas, some good ideas normally come from group discussion.

Imgur Imgur Imgur


On this week I have also done the uq innovate induction which introduce a lot to me especially the laser cutter which I have never use before. After the induction what I learned is always ask if you are not sure. :)

Imgur Imgur

Group Work

As soon as the team split up we have start thinking what we can do we start to create a list of place we could more explore end up we quite like evaluator. On weekend we start explore more and prepare the prestation




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Week 2

In this week most of time we have spent in the class are doing presentation and critique others work as it is related to physical computing and the takers can present his/ her idea clearly. Each person got 2 minutes and show their poster to other students one of the ideas that interest me is a game that player use their hand as controller and his inspiration is from the childhood that use 2 fingers acts like human walking. This game looks interesting to me and can be exposed more at next week would café. It can discuss more about the detail how it can make players feels remarkable like if taking damage.

About my idea’s smart fridge before the presentation I have change a bit after watching other presentation because the ideas are lack of novel technology. Original idea is user must scan the item that they bought from supermarket by hand however there are lot product or apps that can fill full this task in the market. But what if the fridge can do it itself as they have sensor on each corner and coding Ai that can learn the shape of each item and identify what the item is. Beside of that just printing out the buying list looks old fashion therefore I have added the buying list can be sent to mobile phone apps and modify any time even you’re in the supermarket.

My pitch was on day 2 therefore I bot little bit time change for ideas and prepare for my presentation. My pitch was't able to communicate the concept to my peers and address the domain to other student. End Up I fail the assigment too.

After the presentation we have assembly together and identify the ideas by type and write it on the memo paper. End up most of the ideas project are solving the mental problem and stress problem space and those ideas are normally punching something. I think this problem space can be explode more as the solving solution can not only punching something instead having conversation with others. But this must do more research on an increase the physical interaction

Imgur Imgur Imgur Imgur Imgur Imgur

Overall fun week and this help me identify what topic I interesting do research to prepare next week world café section.

Reflection of this week

This week most of the time we spend time on presentation end up I know that I failed on each critique. Which reflect me that my fridge idea is not unique at all. I think the lack of future element is because I have too care is the modern technology can build this product or finish this idea. This limited me to use exist technology this frame to design the new idea therefore I have failed the presentation. Beside of that my speech are not clear enough to present the idea which when the tutor and loran ask me question about the idea, I spend a little time to figure it out the answer which mean I have not well prepared for the presentation. Therefore, I must redo the project inspiration.

This time I should do more background research for the idea first, beside of that in the class I have mark down few interesting ideas that inspired me more to use as a reference for my works.This week give me a warning and chance to increase my skill for presentation and know what I am lack of.

Week 1

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Week 1


In this week, we have two class during the week. During the first class, what we have done first was written down the questions of the class, aspiration, concerns fears of the course, what we will learn or do during the semester. Before written down on the board we have discussion on each table and getting familiar with other students. What I have heard of this class was building a product that will be show in an exhibition locate in south bank. Lot of people will attend the exhibition and you need to explain the product to them. After the Loarna explain those concerns to us I get to know more about the class. After that we also had discussion about interesting physical project and critique them.

Imgur Imgur Imgur

Interesting Phy project

What a found this project interesting is the machine will be move forward and backward according how the singer song. It looks creepy but it also looks interesting.

Another one is a link I found at slack channel that publish by other student which when you water the plants the monitor that surrounding the plants will give the data how much you water you need on each plant. Which related to daily life giving me inspiration of the upcoming project.


On day2 we have been discussing about the article journal "Seven HCI Grand Challenges " and i was locate on challenge 7 social justice and democracy. The group have been talking about the lack of examples the article givens and what hci brings benefit into social justice, The description we end up is when designers design a product , he/she not only focus just the target audience needs and requirement he should also care how the product will changes the environment as jump outside of the box.


After the break We have working on a game that give you certain sentence and you need to generate ideas no matter it sounds crazy. Below are ideas my group think .

Imgur Imgur Imgur

Ideas :Smart Fridge

Smart Fridge is to solve user spend too much time on prepare the buying list before going to supermarket and monitoring the items quantity. When user buying milks or egg and more, they need to scan the item to by the scanner locate at the fridge. This input the quantity data and it will be showing on the monitor how much item you got in the fridge. The computer not only just recording the items quantity it also learns what you always buy and recommend on the buyer list.

The normal procedures are when the fridge is lack of certain items it will inform the users by showing warning on the fridge monitor then the user can print out the recommend buying list. After went to supermarket user have to scan each item update the record storage.



In this day work which have done give me a clue that what I have to build in the upcoming because originally, I thought just build another prototype like Deco2300 assignment which turns out complex more. Secondly this give me a thought that people can be turn a crazy idea into a prototype even in old times. There also a lot idea using in daily life with the physical interaction. This could be a good start of my idea which I can take some ideas in to mine.

In this activity I have keep trying to generate the idea however the word I get from the cards are bit weird like cooking in the funeral. This have limited my inspiration although I have few ideas but not ethical. This reflect me an idea that long time that I didn’t think of which is ethical. Like privacy or how computers affect society. I have been thinking if the ideas is working what impact it will bring to the scoiey is it going to make some worker lost their job or is everybody can use this product. Or even is it going to making trouble to other people. This remind me a lot when design my own product those elements with computing ethical.


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Self Intro

Hello , my name is Cheung Yiu Hin and you can called me Anson. My major is user interface design bachelor of information technology.

What what are you hoping to learn/achieve

As my major is interface design I would like to practice more testing skill and design of the user interface. Get more familiar with the product design process. Beside I want to learn more presentation skill at the exhibition and the prepare of a exhibition.