Week 1 Introduction

Sylvia Wu - Fri 28 February 2020, 2:41 pm
Modified: Fri 28 February 2020, 3:10 pm

Hi, I'm Sylvia. I am a 3rd year BIT student (majoring in Software Information System and User Experience design). In the past two years, I have studied courses such as DECO2500 (Human-computer interaction), DECO3500 (social & mobile computing) those courses gave me a deeper understanding of user interaction design. This course combines physical construction and interaction to allow I broadened my perspective on design works and this course has a relatively large demand for programming skills, so, in my opinion, this is a good opportunity to improve my programming skills, and it can deepen and strengthen the knowledge of Arduino I learned in the deco2300 class. This course is a 4-credit course, so I need to spend more than twice as much time as usual. I can also have more time to improve this project and make it as best as possible. At the same time, I hope to design an interesting project with the team members.

In my spare time, I like to do handwork and graffiti. I will also consciously start to cultivate and improve my aesthetic concept and sensitivity to design (browse design works such as Behance, etc.). What excites me most is that I have the opportunity to use tools that I don’t usually have access to and can increase the applicability of my physical work.

In this week's studio class, our team discussed Challenge 2: Human-Environment Interactions, which added inspiration to my design idea. talked about how technology can help vulnerable groups in society, which inspired me to design ideas, it reminds me of deaf people and the importance of sign language to them. In the next two days, I will search for related technologies and start to design my poster.