Week 1 Poster

Qinhan Yang - Mon 2 March 2020, 9:30 pm

My creative inspiration comes from life. People always emphasize an efficient life, but since entering university, countless homework and living abroad have left us exhausted, often forgetting our deadlines, forgetting to organize our life, space, and study.

Some mobile apps are actively working on this issue, but tedious text and tables can even make you feel more tired. At this time, I hope to have a kind of real-life tasks to make our tasks visual and make the interaction more interesting.


This is an efficient room. Especially improve people's work efficiency. Cumulative boxes represent tasks that should be completed. The boxes are getting higher every day and getting closer to the deadline. Part of the task is to get an ax and cut the growing box to prevent it from running out of time. Once you cross the alert line, the room will attack people, forcing them to start working.