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Week 3 Ideal

Qinhan Yang - Sun 15 March 2020, 5:33 pm
Modified: Sun 15 March 2020, 8:13 pm

Creative Learning

my ideas are scattered, I can't integrate them into 4 complete ideals or titles, but I still write them up, I recorded 4 inspirations, I hope to give you some inspiration!

1.What can we do in the context of virus?
  • During self-isolation, everyone is experiencing or about to experience online teaching, but is online teaching enough? Is there anything that can be improved? Including group discussions, online videos, what other ways can people better understand what is in each other's brains and achieve cloud learning? Cloud conversation? Cloud work?
  • In the face of language barriers and dyslexia, can online education be diversified to graphic education? Pictographic education? For example, international students may have group discussions that rely heavily on non-native languages. What should we do in such cases?
  • Holographic projection. This should be the most realistic way that technology can achieve remote communication between people.
  • Redefine the communication between people. At this time, everyone can't go out. The way everyone communicates has become online, email, slack, Instagram. Our relationship has become virtual, and our learning style has also become virtual.
2.How to create a zone that is impressive?
  • Looking back at the previous ID exhibition, the most impressive ones are basically some rooms. There is a kind of zone, which is particularly easy to make an impression. For example, music room, light pollution room, movie sound room. Based on this inspiration, the existence of a zone should easily convey sensory feelings. It's immersive.
  • Dark blue room. Learn to control breathing. Or learn to dive. By detecting the heartbeat, the room projects different colors. For example, holding a sensor in the palm of your hand will detect your heartbeat, and the room can change color at any time according to the speed of your heartbeat. Or produce different marine life. Awaken people's awareness of marine protection and feel the beauty of the ocean.
3. Bigger and simpler.
  • Use big things to expand your ideas and your senses.
  • Geography, big globe. There is a large sphere in the room. When you touch different sea areas with your hands, the room projects different underwater worlds. Simulate the environment of diving in different seas. Marine life is different. If your breathing is short, you will consume oxygen and the screen will become darker. If you exhale, you will sink and the projection screen will sink. If you inhale, you will float up and the projection screen will float up.
4. Coordinate with the left and right hands.
  • Draw a circle with the left hand and a square with the right hand, or write with the left hand. Can train hand coordination. Develop left and right brains simultaneously.
  • Playing of instruments, left-hand chords, right-hand melody. Instruments are also coordinated by left and right hands, whether it is string music such as a violin, keyboard instruments such as piano, or percussion such as drumming. It is the coordination of the left and right hands and even the feet.
  • Press a chord with your left hand and play a simple melody with your right hand. Let people get a taste of the composition of popular music. You can start with a simple chord C major. Combining some popular songs, everyone can experience the composition of music from shallow to deep. Everyone can participate. And training simple right-handed cooperation in real-time.
  • The essence of music is sound waves, so it can be transformed into graphics. The left hand is pressing the chord, and the right-hand draw the sound waveform, which can create music.

Week 2

Qinhan Yang - Mon 9 March 2020, 10:45 pm
Modified: Mon 9 March 2020, 10:45 pm

This week we are having an overview about all others projects.

Week 1 Poster

Qinhan Yang - Mon 2 March 2020, 9:30 pm

My creative inspiration comes from life. People always emphasize an efficient life, but since entering university, countless homework and living abroad have left us exhausted, often forgetting our deadlines, forgetting to organize our life, space, and study.

Some mobile apps are actively working on this issue, but tedious text and tables can even make you feel more tired. At this time, I hope to have a kind of real-life tasks to make our tasks visual and make the interaction more interesting.


This is an efficient room. Especially improve people's work efficiency. Cumulative boxes represent tasks that should be completed. The boxes are getting higher every day and getting closer to the deadline. Part of the task is to get an ax and cut the growing box to prevent it from running out of time. Once you cross the alert line, the room will attack people, forcing them to start working.