Week 1_Project Inspiration

John Jiang - Sat 29 February 2020, 9:59 pm
Modified: Sat 29 February 2020, 9:59 pm

Magic Mirror

My idea is magic mirror. It is a mirror that can predict the future. The user stands in front of the mirror and tells the mirror their daily routine, the more detailed the better. Based on the data users input. The mirror will predict how they will look in the future if they continue to maintain current daily routine.


For example, if you are a guy who eat three meals of junk food a day, and never work out. You tell the mirror your daily routine, and then you might see a fatty you appear in the mirror. This is what you will look like in the future if you continue to maintain current daily routine.


This idea inspired by a new innovation of technology called virtual mirror, which provides a new way to try on clothing without getting undressed.


Imgur Imgur

The core technology in virtual mirror is augmented reality. This a also a core technology in my idea as well. Through AR technology, users can see the changes of their body very intuitively.

What is interesting about my idea

The interesting thing about this idea is that it no longer leaves the future out of reach. Specifically, standing in front of a mirror, people can see how they look, for example 2/ 5/10 years later. Another important thing about this idea is it a kink of way to remind or educate people who still have a unhealthy lifestyle. In this way, tell these people about possible future results in advance. So they know it ’s time to change their unhealthy lifestyle.