Week 1_Reflection

John Jiang - Sat 29 February 2020, 3:12 pm
Modified: Sat 29 February 2020, 3:12 pm


We discussed our expectation to this course in group.


Seven HCT Grand Challenges

Challenge 7: Social Organisation and Democracy.

• Focused on using technology and creating products in the future with a wider scope, eg. local to global, including more users, awareness of impacts beyond the user.

Four keys areas: sustainability, social justice, active citizen participation, democracy.

• Sustainability: how technology can be used to monitor and manage resources and human impact.

• Social justice: closely linked to accessibility. How technology can be used to include more users and be aware of other demographics. Also how technology itself can be accessed by more people.

• Active citizen participation: including everybody in the use and development of technology.

• Democracy: equal engagement between citizens and authority, eg. technology used to give equal voice to government and citizens.

Basically, how technology should facilitate/consider the human population and environment in the future.

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