Jay Sehmbey - Sun 21 June 2020, 8:27 pm

Reflection (my submission):

After I completed making my first prototype, I recorded the different parts of the video using my phone. I asked my flatmate to be a part of it and do the actual demonstration. I thought that would be a better way to represent rather than me using my own product for demo. I also asked a few questions to the user regarding my product.

Overall I think the video was of a very good quality with both goof audio and video.

During the studio, we were meant to give detailed critique to a 3 other assigned teams. We decided to watch the videos one by one per team and read each document and give critique before moving onto the next person's video and document. I think this was a good and quick method. As we all waited for each other to complete writing our critiques, we were getting more detailed ideas and improvements for the projects we were looking at. What I had from previous courses as well was that the best way to give feedback was if I pointed at something that I didn't found the best, I suggest a better or a different way. This way, the person would be able to think about other ideas as well.

After we went through all of them, We thought it'd be best if we divided all the individual project's critiques that we all wrote and basically summarised the points. In the end, we all got to summarise 3 to 4 appraisals. This didn't take too much time as we all had written good, valid points for the appraisals.

week10 #teamappraisal