Week 10 - Journal

Shane Wei - Sun 17 May 2020, 5:50 pm

Work Done

Individual Part

In the early of this week. I posted my prototype and video on the Miro board. I received some feedbacks from other team as I wrote the appraisal for the other teams. Team Twisted suggested me to add a vibration feedback and a level system to the device. I think a level system is suitable for our device´╝îit allows users to choose their applicable level. However, the question is that it's difficult for us to add a touching screen on this device. Also, we even don't have a touching screen. As for the viabration feedback, we also can't apply it on our device. Because this device is not just for push ups, users also could do rope skipping on it. So, if the device viabrating during the user do the rope skipping, the users may fall down from the device.

The team Giraffe said that the LED feedback in my prototype is limited. I really admitted that. Because my prototype is only part of the work of our team, our final project will combine the prototypes of our team members. Therefore, our final work will have more interactive ways. Also, I will add some new interaction ways on the visual part, maybe use projector to project the patterns on it.

Other teams also suggeted me to add more interaction ways on this prototype. But, I must emphasize that the prototype I made is only part of the work of our team. Moreover, it is very difficult to purchase more materials during the ban. Therefore, I can only introduce my concept to everyone first. More complicated work will be carried out next week.

Team Part

Today, we went to Bunnings to buy the materials for our final product. Firstly, we bought a 600 x 1200 x 3mm Clear PVC Handisheet as a panel for our project.


Because this panel is not enough to support the weight of an adult, we also bought some 600mm shelf supports under the panel.


Plan for next week

In next week, we are going to put our materials to our workshop and try to connect them together. Also, I will go to Jaycar to buy some more long wires for our project.