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Week 12 - Journal

Shane Wei - Sun 31 May 2020, 10:49 pm
Modified: Mon 1 June 2020, 11:44 am

Work Done

Individual Part

According to the feedbacks in last prototype, the testers thought it would be better if I use Unity to made the patterns and displayed by the projector. After a week learning the Unity, I made a pattern which could be controlled by some buttons.


In this program, when a parameter changes, the way the pattern is drawn also changes. Parameters such as the inner and outer radius of the pattern, the length of the pen, and the drawing speed can be freely input. In order for this pattern to be better connected with our project, I added some more buttons. When this pattern is connected to the project, the user can control the shape and size of the pattern according to their movement. When different sports start, this program will draw the corresponding patterns according to the user's sports data. When the movement stops, the drawing of the pattern also stops.


According to the rhythm of different sports, I set up two kinds of sports such as skipping rope and push-ups.When the user does these two kinds of sports, the program will start to draw patterns that match the rhythm of the sports.

Imgur Imgur

Team Part

My team members are working on how to collect the data from the Wii fit board and connect them with our own program. However, they seemed meeting some trouble to collect the data in time. They found that they can only collect the data when it doesn't change. We need some help to figure this out.

Next Week Plan

After my team member working out the problem, we will connect our own parts together and starting a user test. Also, I will record the video and start to design my portfolio. However, the problem is that I have my thesis demostration on next week. So, the assignments pressures are driving me crazy.

Week 11 - Journal

Shane Wei - Sun 24 May 2020, 9:48 pm

Work Done

In this Tuesday, we took a meeting to discuss how to show our project in the final exhibition. We thought we have to show our project in a room on the campus. For each of us doesn't have enough place for our project in our homes. Also, our internet can't support this live.

In Friday's workshop, we took our materials to the campus. We were trying to fix our materials together. However, there were still some problems.

Firstly, because our transparent board was too fragile to support an adult exercising on it, we had to put some supports under the board. However, we only bought 4 supports and it was really difficult to meet both practicality and aesthetics. But, if we buy more supports, there isn't enough space for the sensors and the LED strips under the board.


Secondly, we still can't find the suitable pressure sensor. We found that the pressure sensor on the market can only detect the pressure of 10kg at most, and cannot detect the weight of an adult.

However, Clay told us that maybe a Wii fit board could solve the problems. For it can connect with the computer by bluetooth. Unfortunatly, the seller from EB game told me that the wii fit board is out of stock in whole Brisbane. Finally, I find a second hand one from facebook market and we are planning to pick it in next Tuesday.


The plan for next week

After we picking the wii fit board, we are going to conbine it with our original materials together. And the most important thing is that we have to make sure how to transport the data from the wii fit board to the computer and use it in Arduino. This is a big challenge for us, because none of ue has used such thing before.

Week 10 - Journal

Shane Wei - Sun 17 May 2020, 5:50 pm

Work Done

Individual Part

In the early of this week. I posted my prototype and video on the Miro board. I received some feedbacks from other team as I wrote the appraisal for the other teams. Team Twisted suggested me to add a vibration feedback and a level system to the device. I think a level system is suitable for our device,it allows users to choose their applicable level. However, the question is that it's difficult for us to add a touching screen on this device. Also, we even don't have a touching screen. As for the viabration feedback, we also can't apply it on our device. Because this device is not just for push ups, users also could do rope skipping on it. So, if the device viabrating during the user do the rope skipping, the users may fall down from the device.

The team Giraffe said that the LED feedback in my prototype is limited. I really admitted that. Because my prototype is only part of the work of our team, our final project will combine the prototypes of our team members. Therefore, our final work will have more interactive ways. Also, I will add some new interaction ways on the visual part, maybe use projector to project the patterns on it.

Other teams also suggeted me to add more interaction ways on this prototype. But, I must emphasize that the prototype I made is only part of the work of our team. Moreover, it is very difficult to purchase more materials during the ban. Therefore, I can only introduce my concept to everyone first. More complicated work will be carried out next week.

Team Part

Today, we went to Bunnings to buy the materials for our final product. Firstly, we bought a 600 x 1200 x 3mm Clear PVC Handisheet as a panel for our project.


Because this panel is not enough to support the weight of an adult, we also bought some 600mm shelf supports under the panel.


Plan for next week

In next week, we are going to put our materials to our workshop and try to connect them together. Also, I will go to Jaycar to buy some more long wires for our project.

Week 9 - Journal

Shane Wei - Wed 13 May 2020, 9:07 pm

Work Done

In this week, I mainly focused on making my prototype. After the failure experience of making the patterns in Unity, I decided to use LED strip to show the patterns.

Firstly, I used a canvas as the frame of my device. To make a better visual effect, I drew some patterns on the canvas.


The LED strip and the pressure sensor were pasted on the back of the canvas. The position of the LED strip coincides with the blank space on the front of the canvas. As a result, the users could watch the LED lights without the pigments. The pressure sensor was set on the middle in the left of the canvas. So, the pressure sensor could detect the pressure from the user easily.


When the user exercises on my device, the LED lights will light by the pressure from the user. Each action of the user can correspond to two LED lights, a group of 20 actions. When a group of sports is over, the LED lights will all turn off. When the user is unable to insist on leaving after completing a set of sports, the LED light will suspend lighting. When the user returns, the LED light will record again.

This is the sketch of my prototype.


About the code, these parts are the code of controling the pressure sensor and the LED strip.

Imgur Imgur

The plan for next week

In next week, I will put my document and video on the MIro board and write the appraisal for the other team.

Also, my teammates and I decide to go to Bunnings and Jaycar to buy some more materials for making other final product. The materials are intcluded the acrylic board, a bigger pressure sensor and some longer wires.

Week 8 - Journal

Shane Wei - Sun 3 May 2020, 1:24 pm

Work Done

In this week, I designed two flash patterns for our project by Unity 3D. The first one wthich is the balls diverge from the center point, rotates clockwise, and then stops rotating counterclockwise.


The second one which is the balls shot from the center point, and then hit the circle boundary and then rebound to the center point. The number of balls increases each time it bounces.


At first, I was satisfied with the patterns. However, both of the patterns were made followed by tutorials. I found the codings are too difficult for me to change them and control them. Also, I failed to connect them with Arduino. In addition, for some reasons, I still don't recieve my projector. As a result, I ordered a LED strip. I think I could change the pattern into LED lights.

The plan for next week

My LED strip will arrive in next Monday. So, I will find some tutorials about how to control LED lights by using the vibrating sensor. And this could be my prototype for the next assignment. I will make a video to show my project.

Week 7 - Journal

Shane Wei - Sun 26 April 2020, 5:50 pm

Team Progress

In this week, we took a meeting and explored the context of our project. Based on our discussion, we finished The context of use and The thing of our project on Miro board.

The Context of Use

Imgur Imgur Imgur

The Thing

Imgur Imgur

Individual Progress

I recieved the sensors from Lorna this week. Thanks her a lot. So, I started to build a simple physical parts of our project using the Arduino and the pressure sensor. The LED light is controlled by the presure sensor. When I touch the sensor, the LED light will be brighter. However, the problem is that the weight must be controlled. If the pressure is too heavy, the light can't be lit. And here is the code.

Imgur Imgur

The plan for next week

I will continue to design the pattern and try to change the LED light to the images on the computer or a screen. However, I think I need some help.

Week 6 - Journal

Shane Wei - Mon 13 April 2020, 7:03 pm

Work Done

Basicly, we're working on our proposal report this week. Due to the holiday, we also took the workshop session on Thursday.

At the beginning, we reported back for the teaching team. I read some articles about the relationship and music. One of the articles said that not only the music but also the rhythm and volume of music are related to the movement by changing the user's background music speed and loudness during the treadmill exercise.

Discovery Methods


We did an observation of the passengers in a train and wrote some insights on the Miro board. I found an interesting video in Youtube. There was an argument in a train of New York City. Basd on the insights, I found 3 methods were suitable for the observation.


Next Step

In the next step, we will do some user research about the using of fittness equipments in home. Also, we have to break down our project on Miro.

As for me, it's necessary for me to find some articles about the relationship bewteen images and exercise. Also, I will design the images for our project.

Week 5 - Course Reflection

Shane Wei - Sun 5 April 2020, 10:45 pm

Contact & Workshop

In this week, we talked about the prograss of last week. We used Zoom and Wechat to take our group meeting. We worked smoothly by using these applications.

All of us reading the feedback and we thought that some of suggestions were really helpful. For example, we were considering that we could do both on the generating music and using music to lead the movement. So, in the last week meeting, we talked about how to continue our project. We still want to do our project together. And each of us will focus on the different part. As for me, I will design all the visual parts on this project. Such as design the frame of the device and the images which come from the projector.

About our plan for next week, the most important thing is writing the proposal report. We have already written the frame in google doc. We will finish that in this week. Also, we talked about the tools. Now, we just have an Arduino Kit. However, we still need a pressure sensor and a vibration sensor.All of our concerns are about the tools and materials. And how to really do this project.

In workshop session, we asked tutors about how to write the Fous part in our individual section report and when the Arduino practical session begin. They told us we should write what each of us need to do in this project specificly. Also, Arduino practical will start in next week. We really appreciate for their answering.

Individual Work

Firstly, I bought a projector for our project in online shop. Now, I'm thinking about whai kind of images should be designed for this project and how to turn them into flash.

Besides, I still working on our proposal report. In order to d.escribe our target users in more detail, I made another persona and a storyboard.

Imgur Imgur

Week 4 - Team Pitch & Critiques

Shane Wei - Fri 27 March 2020, 5:45 pm

Team Pitch & Feedbacks

In this week, we were focusing on the ideas of each group. Our concept is about an intelligent device which could collect motion data and convert them into music and images. This encourages people to exercise and brings new fun to people in boring sports. Our team filmed a body storming video on how to use our device and added it into our presentation.

After the presentation, we read all the feedbacks. Some suggestions were really useful. However, I also think other guys didn't really understand our concept. Sigurd suggested that if the music could adjust the user's actions, it would be more interesting. We agreed that this was a good way to develop our device. However, we also found it is hard to achieve. Now, we are figring how to use Arduino solving that question.

Individual Work

In this part of the work, my task is to edit body storming videos, draw storyboards and help other group members edit related content in PowerPoint.In order to better represent the function of our device, I added some special effects to the video.

And this our storyboard.



After watching all the concepts, I think most of them are worth to develop. Of course, some of them still need further thought.

Fire safety using audiometrics

It’s an interesting idea. I think it’s really helpful for the people. However, I have a question that how to make sure people in the fire notice that because everyone in the fire will be stressful and messy.

EMS - Housework

I like this idea. However, I think it may add more interaction functions. Such like rewarding system or competition system. In addition, this pitch is really detailed. I think it can motivate children in doing house cleaning.

Emotional Birds

This is an interesting idea for it will help people release their pressure. However, I think it is a lot bit difficult to put these devices in home. If it becomes more movable, it will be more attractive to me.


This concept is interesting. But I wonder if this is a device can put on everything or every stuff is an individual music device? In addition, can the user control the volume?

Ninja Run Game

I really like this idea. This is not only for children but also for everyone who want to learn coding. Also, I think more interaction functions should be added into this device. For example, what will happen if the user input the wrong codes?


It’s a really cool idea. The videos in presentation are really helpful. However, I have an really important question that how to ensure the player’s safe when they are blind? In addition, it’s really difficult to recognize the voice in a cramped room.

Negative Nancies

It’s really useful for everyone to protect the environment. And I wonder that how Emily detect the situations of these electronic devices? It seems really hard to solve. Otherwise, Emily will give the user wrong advices.

Team Triangle

It’s an interesting idea. I have some questions for you. Firstly, does the dropper just absorb the voices from photos or it can absorb sounds in everywhere? Secondly, how to make sure the mix sounds are beautiful voices or not noises?

CDI - Dancing Elevator

It an interesting idea. However, I think it is like putting a dancing machine in elevator. Also, I don’t think it’s necessary to put this in public. Because if there is an emergency, some people may can’t get out off the building at once. In addition, what if there will be lots of people in this elevator how to ensure the enough space which could let people move?

Week 3 - My team

Shane Wei - Sat 14 March 2020, 9:44 pm

Team X

Finally, I formed a team with three classmates who had never worked together before. This is a huge challenge for me, but I am confident that we can make a very successful and attractive musical metric device.

After the first meeting, we decided our team name was Team X. The name has two meanings. The first is that X is the Roman numeral 10, and we are team 10. In addition, we think X is a cool letter, it represents infinite possibilities. I hope that our team also has unlimited creativity.



We chose one of our team member's idea as a basic idea and designed more complex and engaging ways to interact. After our discussion, we decided to make an interactive sports table. Install the vibration sensor and projector inside the table. Generate different vibration frequencies according to different movement modes, and generate music and images according to the vibration frequency.We hope that through these feedbacks, people will be able to feel information they have not experienced before, and will bring them more diverse forms of exercise.


Week 3 - World Cafe

Shane Wei - Sat 14 March 2020, 8:54 pm

For more suitable grouping, we did world cafe. According to change the themes of each table and talking to others, I found some interesting projects and got more ideas.

a. Beautify the Self


In this theme, all the projects are using technology to comfort the users, helping them relaxed. We thought the Breathing light, the Smart tree and the Smart bed are interesting. But each of them was too simple to make. As a result, we believed that we could using VR to combine these idea together and design a smart bedroom. However, this was really difficult for us to make. So, I gave up this theme at last.

b. Body as controller

Imgur Imgur

My second table was Body as controller. I was really intersted in this theme. Because my own project is also classified in this theme. We talked about the places we could set these installations and whom we designed for. Homes, museums, hospitals and gyms were the suitable places to make these devices. All the people who love sports, animals and playing games will fond into these devices.

c. Musical things

Imgur Imgur

This theme is combining normal stuff and music together to make normal stuff more interesting. I did such device before in design thinking course. So, I thought Musical metrics was more attractive to me.

Finally, I chose Body as controller and Musical metrics as my favorite themes.

Week 2 - Reflection

Shane Wei - Sat 7 March 2020, 11:49 pm


Finally, I arrived in Brisbane and took my first class on campus. In Wednesday's contact, I presented my project idea for the class.I felt a little bit nervous because I have not spoken in public for a long time. Fortunatly, I explained my idea clearly.

After listening others ideas, I had some thoughts. To be honest, I didn't see much great ideas. Instead, I have met lots of them in Digital Prototyping course and Design Thinking course. Some of the ideas maybe interesting. But the posters were hard to understand. I think it may have some good ideas in Tuesday's class which I missed.

78-207 Introduction

I participated in this introduction in 78-207. Ben introduced how to use the hand tools for us. The most important thing was that he also introduced the safety rules in detailed. I thought we need to have a try. Maybe in other sessions.

Week 1 - Poster Explanation

Shane Wei - Mon 2 March 2020, 3:18 am

Forest Story

Recently, I read the news that the hill fires burning in Australia due to hot weather and dryness began in September 2019. As of January 17, 2020, the fire burned about 17.1 × 106 hectares of land. As of January 8, 2020, more than 5,900 buildings were burned by the mountain fire, and another 34 people died. According to estimates by the University of Sydney, more than 1 billion animals have been killed by the ongoing fires across the country. Macquarie University estimates that billions of animals, including bats, amphibians and insects, died in the fire.

So, I want to design an interactive device that calls on people to protect animals and their homes.


How to play

a. I will provide some animals in a touching screen, the users can choose one of them which they intereted in. For example, I put a koala and a kangaroo in the first step.

Imgur Imgur

b. When the user choose the animal, the screen will go to the introduction of this animal. The users can learn the knowledges of the amount of the animal and the situation of their habitat. In the poster, I pick a kangaroo for example.

c. After reading the introduction, the projector will project the habitat on the big screen on a wall. But there isn't any animal in this place.

d. When the users walking into the projection area, the camera will capture their body, and make an animal on the screen. The animals on the screen will follow the user's body. In addition, as more and more people enter the projection area, the habitat of the animals will change accordingly.



This device really helped me. I think I could use the same capture and image technology in my design.

Week 1 - Reflection

Shane Wei - Mon 2 March 2020, 2:37 am
Modified: Mon 2 March 2020, 2:37 am

HCI 7 Grand Challenges

I read the third part of the article. The third part of this article describes in detail the role of ethics, privacy, and security in human-computer interaction. In this part, the author's advantage is that there is no general concept of privacy and secure human-computer interaction. It is a very comprehensive analysis of the important role played by ethics, privacy, and security in various human-computer interactions, which provides us with a good guiding role in the design and production of interactive products. For example, it is mentioned in the article that the user's consent needs to be obtained in advance when performing user tests, but the testers may not get the expected results after knowing that they are being concerned, and the use of special groups needs to be considered in the design process. These are the real problems we encountered in the previous course project test.

At the same time, it is well known that protecting the privacy of users is an indispensable part of the design process, whether in social networks, healthcare, or the Internet of Things and big data. However, what surprised me in this article is that I never thought that VR and AR technologies also need to ensure user privacy and security. This provides new requirements for our future design. If we need to design and produce VR or AR programs, we will add ethical standards and privacy protection to make our designs more secure.

I think the most important one is learning and creativity. Because no matter what product we design, we must start with learning, and learning is the foundation of everything. Only after learning the relevant knowledge can we avoid being helpless in design. Moreover, I think the design must be creative. If a new product has no distinctive ideas, then the new design has no characteristics and cannot be a qualified design.



I found this video in Youtube. I really like the idea of this X-Ray mirror. When the user look the mirror, it will show the user's skeleton on it. The skeleton will follow the user's body to move. This installation is really helpful for creating my own idea. I will use the same way to capture the users' movement in my device.

Week 1 feeling

Unfortunatly, because of the travel ban, I can't take the course in time. Because of the different countries, I need to overcome the effects of jet lag. Taking lessons without interacting with professors and classmates made my learning more difficult. I hope I can return to school smoothly next week to participate in the course.

Week 1 - Introduction

Shane Wei - Fri 28 February 2020, 4:14 pm

About Me

Hello everyone! My name is Shane Wei and my major is interaction design. This is my last semester of my master career. I really like this major and I think I spent wonduful life with all staffs and classmates in these two years. I consider myself as an exceptional person, who always willing to try new things and have keen insight. My career goal is to be a good interactive designer. After graduation from a master degree, I hope I could have a new understanding of interaction design and have the ability of integrating interactive design skills through the organic combination of art, technology and humanities, and then enter into some IT companies. I hope I can get a good job after this June.

About PhysComp

This is my last course of my master career. I hope I can get a happy ending. I have a lot of expectations for this course. What I look forward to most is the final exhibition. I am fortunate to visit the exhibitions of the past year, and I hope that this year I can make more meaningful and attractive works. And this expectation will also give me great motivation to complete all the tasks of this course perfectly. Through this course, I hope to learn more about making physical interaction devices, including writing programs and hand-made techniques. At the same time, it will be very joyful to work with my talented classmates. I can't wait to start my work.