Week - 10 Journal

Edward Zhang - Sun 7 June 2020, 1:47 am

This week’s prototype Demonstration and prototype appraisal, our group watched the videos and documents of Team Mobody, Team Zoo Keeper, Team BAT SKWAD, and Team Negative Nancies. We found many interesting ideas and interactions from them. The concept also brings us a lot of inspiration and inspiration. For example, their interactive robots cleverly combine many common sensors, such as distance sensors, pressure sensors, and even receive and transmit infrared signals. These concepts are really attractive, and if you have the opportunity, you really want to try them.

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I also got a lot of reflection from this demonstration and appraisal. First of all, I have to have a broader thinking about my own prototype. Sometimes I may be limited in my ideas. I should start from the source. Divergent thinking to think about more interactive ways. But this is not just thinking about increasing the interaction mode, but from a practical point of view and the user's point of view, so as to make each function more practical. In the prototype display of Team BAT SKWAD, I saw that they not only used the anthropomorphic design, but also shortened the distance between people and machines, and their humorous voice feedback, they laughed every time they heard Out loud. Not only that, but they also pay attention to the design of the appearance, which can not help me reflect on my work. Often after finding a focus, I often overlook other places. For example, the appearance of my prototype needs to be strengthened this time.