Week 10 Recap

Jessica Tyerman - Wed 20 May 2020, 11:08 pm
Modified: Wed 20 May 2020, 11:08 pm

Between Week 9 and 10 I have no idea where all the time went! Many hours were spent up late working on getting my prototype to a point that I was okay with. I spent the majority of the previous week assembling my form and producing the documentation.

Reiterating over my design process gave me the opportunity to reflect on where I started and where I've reached. This also helped me decipher what I have left to do. Creating my interaction plan was interesting as I got to delve into exactly how I intend users will interact with Emily. Although I already established that my target audience was users who are comfortable with technology and have the intention to change their behaviour, I was able to establish how the user will reach the point where they own and come into contact with Emily. I had goals and tasks that I want to achieve at completion of the project in my mind. After creating a written list of project objectives and how I will measure the success of these objectives, it will give me official end goals to meet and help me stay on track. With the end nearing, I don't have much time to achieve my stretch goals but I am able to focus on the main aspects that I desire Emily to have to give the user a sense of her potential.

After I had completed the documentation, I began to create the content for my video. Whilst some parts were hard to show the same view as we would see in real life (such as the display of lights and the reflection of ceiling lighting etc.). I ran into issues with retrieving the videos from the camera (Sony for some reason hides the videos from the SD card? Very silly and frustrating...) and with the use of programs and what they would import (such as Audacity and M4A). After some stressful and frustrating moments, I was able to sort out all my issues and eventually bit the bullet and downloaded Adobe Premiere Pro and from there it was a breeze. I really wish I had just begun with it as their functionality is much better than the other applications I was trying to use.

Once the craziness of submitting the prototype had settled down, the team held a Zoom meeting where we watch our peers' prototypes that we were assigned and then discussed our thoughts of such. It was interesting to see what other people have focused on and what they prioritised for the prototype. Whilst I have given some thought to the form, I had a focus on achieving a base level of the technology to be achieved. This seems similar to many of my peers with the focus on the next few weeks on the visual aspects.