Week 11

Yubo Zhuo - Tue 2 June 2020, 9:36 pm
Modified: Sun 21 June 2020, 8:31 pm

Work reflection

Over the course of 11 weeks, I focused on 2 main focuses.

Buzzer function

reason 1

One of them is the reintroduction of a constant output of music to make noise to achieve the effect of annoying elements. The reason for the annoyance of reusing the noise is that in previous discussions, some users did not feel the vibration strongly enough and did not feel the level of a reminder that the vibrator gives to the user. They also remind us that we should focus on how to reinforce users' perceptions of sedentariness rather than simply and holistically take care of their feelings, so annoying noise returns and becomes a major reminder point.


In addition to that, I followed up by considering this point of view, and thank you very much for the user's mentions, so I took another important piece of information into account. When one user's device makes noise, this annoying element affects the others as well, which in turn becomes a group effect from single-player operation and influence by the way. This, in turn, makes them equally aware of their own sedentary behaviour. Doing so maximizes results.

Reset & Restart

Another point I started to work on was how to set the 3 times pause function to let the device reset and restart, which was also inspired by the user. They believe that there may be situations where equipment may not be available during work, such as meetings. So we decided to include a pause feature when we considered this view and the potential environment. The principle of this feature is very simple. When a pressure sensor is added to the patch and the user presses the button, the original time reached is reset, making the entire program a loop, but the user only has 3 times to pause.


Have a good way of communicating the function of the equipment

Demonstrate the functionality of the device for the user

Maximize overall suitability

Helping users to raise awareness of sedentary behaviour

Key priorities:

Analyse the feedback and determine the next step

Talk with our team to decide about the final delivery

Discussed with the teaching team for further suggestions

Improve the communication of the work (prototype itself, video presentation)

Work done & Reflection

The bomb game, the feature of the reset and buzz were the most time- consuming parts of the mid to late production process. After the first interview, most of the users were dissatisfied with the reminder aspect of the game. Most of them felt that the reminders were not powerful yet and that it was not possible to change their habits. And they gave the kinds of advice, such as adding a sound device so that there would be a strong reminder effect when the key functions have launched throughout the project. Besides, some users felt that the lack of a pause or cancel feature was a major downfall when users encountered an unavoidable situation. In response, my team and I analyzed the situation and decided to add a reset and buzz feature to add functionality and user-friendliness to the project. This process is the most difficult and time-consuming design. According to the feedback from the users, users treat the interactive features with great anticipation. They all want better ways to play or unique self-designed ways to play. This was a huge challenge for the entire project. The process was very sad and frustrating because we had to keep changing our ideas and design features to achieve a satisfying user experience. and willingness to experience the goal.