Week 11 - Journal

Shane Wei - Sun 24 May 2020, 9:48 pm

Work Done

In this Tuesday, we took a meeting to discuss how to show our project in the final exhibition. We thought we have to show our project in a room on the campus. For each of us doesn't have enough place for our project in our homes. Also, our internet can't support this live.

In Friday's workshop, we took our materials to the campus. We were trying to fix our materials together. However, there were still some problems.

Firstly, because our transparent board was too fragile to support an adult exercising on it, we had to put some supports under the board. However, we only bought 4 supports and it was really difficult to meet both practicality and aesthetics. But, if we buy more supports, there isn't enough space for the sensors and the LED strips under the board.


Secondly, we still can't find the suitable pressure sensor. We found that the pressure sensor on the market can only detect the pressure of 10kg at most, and cannot detect the weight of an adult.

However, Clay told us that maybe a Wii fit board could solve the problems. For it can connect with the computer by bluetooth. Unfortunatly, the seller from EB game told me that the wii fit board is out of stock in whole Brisbane. Finally, I find a second hand one from facebook market and we are planning to pick it in next Tuesday.


The plan for next week

After we picking the wii fit board, we are going to conbine it with our original materials together. And the most important thing is that we have to make sure how to transport the data from the wii fit board to the computer and use it in Arduino. This is a big challenge for us, because none of ue has used such thing before.