Week 12 - Journal

Shane Wei - Sun 31 May 2020, 10:49 pm
Modified: Mon 1 June 2020, 11:44 am

Work Done

Individual Part

According to the feedbacks in last prototype, the testers thought it would be better if I use Unity to made the patterns and displayed by the projector. After a week learning the Unity, I made a pattern which could be controlled by some buttons.


In this program, when a parameter changes, the way the pattern is drawn also changes. Parameters such as the inner and outer radius of the pattern, the length of the pen, and the drawing speed can be freely input. In order for this pattern to be better connected with our project, I added some more buttons. When this pattern is connected to the project, the user can control the shape and size of the pattern according to their movement. When different sports start, this program will draw the corresponding patterns according to the user's sports data. When the movement stops, the drawing of the pattern also stops.


According to the rhythm of different sports, I set up two kinds of sports such as skipping rope and push-ups.When the user does these two kinds of sports, the program will start to draw patterns that match the rhythm of the sports.

Imgur Imgur

Team Part

My team members are working on how to collect the data from the Wii fit board and connect them with our own program. However, they seemed meeting some trouble to collect the data in time. They found that they can only collect the data when it doesn't change. We need some help to figure this out.

Next Week Plan

After my team member working out the problem, we will connect our own parts together and starting a user test. Also, I will record the video and start to design my portfolio. However, the problem is that I have my thesis demostration on next week. So, the assignments pressures are driving me crazy.