Week 11 - Journal

Edward Zhang - Sun 7 June 2020, 3:04 pm

Feedback and suggestions

My main task this week is to improve my prototype. I got a lot of important feedback from the prototype demonstration last week.

The suggestion from Team Mobody is that I want to give my users more freedom to set the focus time setting, and they think that my project is not very related to exercise. And in their suggestion, it is recommended that I set some short leave options, so as to meet the temporary needs of users sometimes.

The suggested feedback from Team Twisted is that the prompt feedback should be more obvious, and even try a variety of reminders. In addition, the game should be more complex and diverse, increasing the difficulty of the game and making the game more attractive.

The feedback from Team Bat Sqwad has caused me a lot of reflection. First of all, they asked me what is the purpose of choosing a balance ball. Indeed, when conceiving a balance ball game, I did not consider the reason for choosing it and decided to choose a balance ball. The maze game is just a homeopathic thinking process. It is true that at this stage I should do more research and discussion to make the game a more reasonable cause, which may better meet the needs of users and more Targeted. In addition, they provide a good idea of ​​how to better provide the user experience after the game ends, such as adding rewards to encourage users to exercise more, and how to make users get better decompression.

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Main opinions and improvement directions

  • Re-set the distance sensor
  • Allows users to set the time according to their needs
  • Add more operable functions to the time sitting at the desk
  • Improve the reminder method to make the reminder more obvious and efficient
  • Increase the difficulty of balance ball game
  • Add rewards or levels to the balance ball