Week 12 - Journal

Edward Zhang - Tue 9 June 2020, 12:47 am
Modified: Tue 9 June 2020, 12:48 am


One sentence description of concept

  • My concept is to help college students reduce the pressure from sitting at the desk for a long time.

Show us what you’ve been working on

  • From last week to now, my main work is to draw the maze for the maze game I made, and the production of the balance board

Exhibit in 2 weeks-main priority to make it feel “finished”?

  • For me, my prototype is basically complete if the main function of controlling the balance ball is realized. Because the implementation of this part is indeed the most complicated of the prototype's mechanism functions.

Questions about the annotated portfolio?

  • There are not too many doubts, because I have drawn the framework of the annotated portfolio
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Prototype process:

When I first made the maze, I used the manual construction method because I felt too much trouble, so I now learned a 3DMax software. Although the learning of this software took a while, the learning process is still smooth, but In contrast, the software for building simple 3D models is much stronger than Unity. After playing, I imported the maze into Unity. At first, I didn’t do a lot of operations, but this week when I officially went to the maze, the problem appeared. It always went through and I tried a lot of things. Unsuccessful.


Therefore, in the next process, I will rebuild the maze.

In addition, I also made the balance board.

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