Week 12 Recap

Jessica Tyerman - Mon 1 June 2020, 1:29 pm

This week I continued to work on my portfolio and have now got a template so that I can insert my content into (when it's done) and perform some styling adjustments. I really enjoy working on HTML and CSS and can easily spend ages figuring out which colour I prefer and what font size I want. But also this takes so much of my time! I've created the landing page and the template for the other pages and so far I will leave it at that until I insert all my content.

After I had this complete, I moved on to changing my Arduino code to include some of the feedback and errors I got from the prototype. I got my RGB values to work which turned out my lights seem to go BGR rather than RGB. Now it is displaying the correct values! I also switched out my ultrasonic sensor for a new one and it seemed to fix the issue I had of recognising movement when there was none. I also researched what temperature differences are the most energy-efficient. Whilst I couldn't find an exact value that is appropriate (ie. inside is at least 5 degrees different than outside), all of my sources stated a temperature range that is most energy-efficient during either Summer or Winter. I narrowed this down to what was recommended for South East Queensland and will implement this into my code.

Over the next week, my main tasks will be to change the lights over to neopixels to allow more light to shine through. I also need to spray paint my different parts and create the hat and the nose of the snowman. Whilst I don't anticipate this to be hard to complete, it is an important aspect of the physical part and I need to make sure I have enough time for it all to dry. I also need to complete the content for my portfolio which I anticipate will take some time. I have many thoughts and content in my head but converting those into words with images will be slightly time-consuming.