Week 13 - Journal

Edward Zhang - Tue 9 June 2020, 1:29 am
Modified: Tue 9 June 2020, 1:33 am


  • Many restrictions have been lifted on June 1, what do you most expect to do? Summarize concepts in one sentence.

I really want to eat in the restaurant with many friends,

  • If you have a magic wand and can use it throughout the project, what do you want it to do? (Specifically, I know that all of you want it to "finish"-what is the one thing you really want it to accomplish?).

I really want users to experience more activities in my project. Imagine a game I recently played, JUST Dance. I really like this. The time for a song is not only relaxing but also very happy

  • What is your most pressing problem now? (It doesn't have to be related to the project, it can be more widely related to courses, universities, life and the universe).

Graduation smoothly, got a good grade, so that I can start my next plan

Final work

It's finally the last week, and I'm really nervous now.

I redrew the map of the maze.

Imgur Imgur

Then I took a formal demo video of my prototype

Then I also made my portfolio


Ready for Exhibit!


I am very grateful to my teaching team, and most of you have been with me for two years of master time. Special thanks to Lorna. The first lesson I came to UQ two years ago was the conatct of your digital prototype. Now that two years have passed, I really learned a lot. Thanks. Then I would also like to thank my team. Although there is not a lot of face-to-face communication, it still gives me a lot of help.