week 14 journal

Zihan Mo - Sun 7 June 2020, 1:28 am

This week I was working on the demo video of the final product and develop the portfolio website.

Demo Video

Product Test

I have tested the usability of the final product with my friends, they mentioned that they can easily understand overall interaction flow and the prototype is quite interactive. However, some of them said the colors were not enough for children to learn color, it will be better to add more colors. Furthermore, the size of the toy can be bigger so that there can be more holes in the toys and the math question can be harder in different levels of the game. And the backpack is a little bit big compare with the size of the teddy bear, one of them suggests I can make a hedgehog toy instead so that users can directly insert the sticks on the back of the hedgehog instead of inserting sticks inside the backpack. Some of them also mentioned the current game process is simple and there can be more interactions. I think it will be a better user experience when combining four of our team members' features together and ITZY will be able to teach children different learning topic through more inputs and outputs


ITZY aims to allow users to learn at a more comfortable pace with more than one interactive input and this allows for a synchronized development of the brain. Targeting both the creative and analytic part of the brain. My final project allows users to learn math and colors with multiple inputs and outputs (Insert stick input, shake hand input, audio output, led light outputs) and create an interactive environment for children aged 3-5 years old to learn math and colors. Instead of using traditional math learning methods (eg.teacher-centered instruction), I let kids interact with the toy and learn math through a visual approach. It also helps them develop motor skills by inserting sticks inside different color regions.