Week 2

Zihan Qi - Mon 2 March 2020, 11:07 pm

Inspiration and Introduction

The design is inspired by Toy Story movies. In the movie, various toys are active in the human world. Because toys are different in size from humans, the interaction with the same thing is also very different. When humans are in a huge "conventional scenario," this can lead to very different experiences. The design inspiration also refers to the movie "Ant-Man".

The main purpose of the design is to enlarge the user's conventional scene several times by various means, and then immersed the user into the scene immersively, bringing more interactive ways to the user's conventional scene. At the same time, the enlarged scene provides plenty of space for some games. For example, users can start a basketball game on their desk anytime, anywhere, or use various furniture in the room as obstacles to play some first-person perspective games.


Here are some possible interaction methods or technologies:

  1. Virtual reality technology: We provide users with some simple model building methods, so that users can restore home scenes or other scenes as much as possible, and then provide users with corresponding games, and adjust the size of the user-built models according to the map size required by the game. And proportion.The advantage of this technology is that it allows users to participate in the construction of scene models, which enriches the freedom of the game. At the same time, the built scene can have better accuracy and richer details and better game compatibility in the game. However, the disadvantage is that the game increases the workload of the user, and for some users who are not willing to build simulation models, it may reduce the user experience.
  2. Scene scan:Use as many cameras as possible to capture and scan all the objects in the space, and intelligently segment and map the photos on each piece of furniture, completely restore the user's indoor space, and develop different games in different areas of the space.The advantage of this technology is that it completely restores the real scene, ensuring that the user is in a huge "conventional scene", and according to the game, it brings a better experience for the user. However, the disadvantage is that the level of detail in the scene may be reduced due to lighting or scanning accuracy.