week 2

Iris Deng - Tue 10 March 2020, 7:09 am
Modified: Tue 10 March 2020, 7:45 am

Ideation and presentation

This week, everyone presented their design ideas. Many design schemes are very novel and interesting. People's ideas are not only limited to the creativity of science and technology but also make the interaction between people and objects more interesting, which can attract people to use.

After the presentation, everyone got different feedback, which was very helpful for design improvement. For example, my design solution is more about thinking about how to operate in different ways. In my previous design, I really only wanted one way to operate, which was too limited.

Soldering Induction

Imgur Imgur

In this week, I have learned soldering. This is new knowledge for me, which attracts me to explore this field. Although I learnt some circuit knowledge, I just know how the circuits are connected. In this study, the tutor explained the connection of the circuit. In the process of connecting the circuit, I failed many times, sometimes because the wire was connected to the wrong connection port, and sometimes because the positive and negative terminals were connected wrong. But after many failures, I finally connected the circuit.

After learning about circuit connections, we learned about welding methods by watching videos, and our tutor also made a demonstration for us. When welding, the melting point needs to reach 35 degrees. We need to extract molten iron after melting the wire and use molten iron to connect each small part of the circuit together. In this process, the difficulty is that each welding contact can not be wrong, we need to connect the connection of the wire welding together.

In the whole process, I learned the connection between the circuit and the name of each part. Most importantly, I experienced welding technology in this study, which enriched my knowledge.


In this session, tutor told us some laboratory rules.

  • Keeping the wood stable when cutting the wood
  • The location of the tools
  • Finding the tutor if there is a problem
  • The location of the emergency exit
  • The emergency phone