Week 2 concept

Zihan Mo - Mon 2 March 2020, 10:35 pm
Modified: Mon 2 March 2020, 11:44 pm


'Squat deep' is an interactive game for people to do strength body exercise easily and effectively

Some people feel painful and tired when they are doing exercises in the gym and sometimes they may feel bored. This game aims to motivate people to do squats effectively and create an interactive environment for people to do exercises.

The game interface and players' shadow will be projected on a screen. There will be different balls move from one side to another. Players need to move their bodies to control the position of their shadow on the screen, use their shadow to catch the black ball on the screen and they can get one score. Players also need to squat down to avoid touching the fireball, if the player touches the fireball, they will lose one health point. By doing that, users can do squats while they are playing the game, the more scores they got, the more effective squat exercise they have done.

The game can be set up in the gym for customers to play, and the game can be multiplayer, for example, customers in the gym can play the game using different screen and see who gets higher scores.

The game can also be set up at home and allows people to do exercise easily at home rather than going to the gym.

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  1. One of the inspirations comes from my own experience. I always feel bored when I was doing exercises in the gym and I want to do strength body exercise in a funny way and feel motivated.
  2. A previous DECO7385 project- Street Spirit. This project also uses projectors to project human's shape on the screen and users can interact with each other.

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