Week 2 Documentation & Reflection

Yubo Zhuo - Sat 7 March 2020, 3:29 pm
Modified: Sun 8 March 2020, 11:46 am

Idea Generated Process:

The initial idea is from the autistic and then related to the deaf-mute.

This mask, you can also think it's a very advanced and cool mask. If you make any sound, it will be converted into text and displayed on the screen. In addition, it has a simultaneous translation broadcast function and automatic scanning gesture function. The purpose is to implement "barrier-free communication".

Don't think this mask is only for autistic children. Of course, children can wear it. What if it's for the teacher? Most autistic children are not willing to accept voice. In many cases, writing or written expression is more useful than speaking.

For the deaf-mute, the mask will automatically scan sign language, then translate gesture and output the content results on a screen with play sound function. In short, sign language becomes speech.


I feel very happy after two speeches lasting for more than an hour because I have found very interesting and meaningful points from many people's ideas and ideals. Everyone's ideas are flying in the sky and have practical significance. I've got a couple of ways of thinking that I think are very helpful to me.


there are some ideas that have nothing to do with implementation. This makes me realize that under the living environment of modern society, brain thinking is very easy to be limited in a certain field or in certain thinking.


when I think about ideas, the real biggest limitation is that there is no limit to the scope. At this time, I found that my thinking method had fatal problems. In the past, I was able to do well under limited conditions. This allowed me to rediscover my lack of ability.


the whole speech also trained me to deal with different, novel and strange ideas for fast recording and comparison. So as to absorb the most noteworthy points in each idea. For example, install the function of listening to songs in shoes. In my opinion, the first comparative idea is "turn the air pods interaction from hand to foot".


receiving information for a long time is a great test of the brain's ability to bear and everyone's speech is very tight. It is not only necessary to see the obvious and important information from the posters, but also to listen to the speaker's narration at the same time.


Soldering 101 Induction


The welding operation is the first contact. In the beginning, the tutor emphasized the precautions many times, and then equipped each person with the devices of the electric board, connecting wire, switch button and LED light.


After the completion of the LED light, the tutor will assign a complete circuit board to the students again, and then the students will give priority to the simple introduction of their own exploration and production. Then use the instrument to weld the board and the wire together.


Finally, in the complete circuit board, after welding, the final connection with the battery. And this practical results are different with DECO2300.


The biggest regret is to forget to take photos and record the process of discussion.