Week Two

Tiantian Bao - Sun 8 March 2020, 3:22 pm


This week we listened to students' inspirational speeches. I was inspired to explore more ways of interacting. For example, the use of smell, different tastes to change people's mood. Or through the vibration feedback and remind the player, this is an immediate interaction. Through the use of space and simulation of changing the scene, such as adding AR to change the attributes of the space. Finally, all the pitches are classified into themes, which also provide us with a lot of new ideas. Categorize these topics by purpose or interactively. This process also gave me a lot of inspiration.


Soldering course this week, I learned how to connect circuit. For example, by analyzing the direction of the positive and negative terminals of the circuit, the circuit is connected and the battery is added, and we also learnt how to soldering and succeeded in soldering small lights. When I checked with my tutor, he told me that more metal should be welded to the switch connections to make them stronger, and that if problems arise in the future, experience has taught us to look first at where the joints are relatively weak. In addition, I was told that the welding point is usually chosen as close to the panel as possible, which is firm, because the welding point is far from the panel and can easily loose and cause the device to break. This is all from experience.