Documentation & Reflection

Week three

Tiantian Bao - Sun 15 March 2020, 5:03 pm

For contact this week, we conducted the world café. Brainstorm with different themes I chose emotional totems, Change through discomfort, Music things. I got to the second topic and had a meeting with my team members. We came up with some reasons for discomfort. One is physically and one is psychological. How people feel physically uncomfortable, such as changing the ambient temperature or making noise. How to make people feel uncomfortable is to make them feel embarrassed or anxious. For example, what I'm thinking about is that the computer camera turns on when you're not looking and takes pictures that don't look so good and automatically uploads them to social networks. But our discussion is that these discomforts should be kept within the limits of what people can tolerate and that it is acceptable for people to feel some discomfort or to feel anxious or embarrassed for a while.

Week Two

Tiantian Bao - Sun 8 March 2020, 3:22 pm


This week we listened to students' inspirational speeches. I was inspired to explore more ways of interacting. For example, the use of smell, different tastes to change people's mood. Or through the vibration feedback and remind the player, this is an immediate interaction. Through the use of space and simulation of changing the scene, such as adding AR to change the attributes of the space. Finally, all the pitches are classified into themes, which also provide us with a lot of new ideas. Categorize these topics by purpose or interactively. This process also gave me a lot of inspiration.


Soldering course this week, I learned how to connect circuit. For example, by analyzing the direction of the positive and negative terminals of the circuit, the circuit is connected and the battery is added, and we also learnt how to soldering and succeeded in soldering small lights. When I checked with my tutor, he told me that more metal should be welded to the switch connections to make them stronger, and that if problems arise in the future, experience has taught us to look first at where the joints are relatively weak. In addition, I was told that the welding point is usually chosen as close to the panel as possible, which is firm, because the welding point is far from the panel and can easily loose and cause the device to break. This is all from experience.

Week one

Tiantian Bao - Sun 1 March 2020, 8:29 pm

This week discussion

In this week's discussion, I was allocated to the group two.The point is to generate interactions that are used in the context of the time but not aggressively, how people interact in the environment of the device's disappearance. The discussion concluded that VR was the most appropriate approach found so far. But that means more interactions, so privacy is a new issue.

In addition, people use interactive technologies, even if they don't need them. Eliminate the user's addiction to interaction. At the same time let them clearly understand the difference between interaction environment and the reality is the future challenge.

Besides, how to make people aware of the interaction with the current environment, for example, for the first time to use the current interaction environment, how to make them aware of the interaction can be done and how to do the interaction.

About Concern

Before finishing the final work, there will be physical construction in the process, which I am curious about and hope to make some progress. There are also expectations in terms of thinking about different interactions, such as the feeling of not being used very often. As a background for interaction design, I'll explore more about the user experience. Hope the process is new and interesting.