Week 3

Sylvia Wu - Fri 13 March 2020, 3:43 pm
Modified: Sun 15 March 2020, 8:09 pm

World Cafe:

In this week's World Cafe, I analyzed the different themes and used them to find inspiration and choose the theme that I eventually wanted to do. After thinking, I chose the body as a controller as my first choice, followed by the creative design theme. Although I really wanted to do my initial design ideas, as a challenge, I wanted to choose a different area as a new development direction, because When analyzing the subject of body as controller, I thought of designing with sound or touch, because the sound is also part of the body. Interacting with sound is a very new way of interaction rather than confining the mind to a certain body. On each part. At the same time, we think of fitness themes, games that help fitness, such as touching the hinted area with your hand in a limited area, similar to the palm touching the ground in aerobics, and allowing users to achieve their goals through physical activity.

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Team Meeting ;)

In this Wednesday's group grouping, the topic I was assigned to was Body as controller. Unfortunately, the areas that our group members are good at are design, and programming is the weakest part. But it doesn't matter. I chose this course to improve my programming skills. So in this project, I will do my best to learn programming and raise my programming level to a higher level, and try to implement all the functions in the design as much as possible.

However, because of this epidemic, our group chose online video conferencing and chose Friday afternoon and Sunday morning as our meeting time. But before our final concept was finalized, we fell into a design bottleneck, because we find that the theme of body as controller is somewhat restrictive, especially many of the themes we want to do have been developed by major game companies, etc., which makes us more frustrated.

But then we chose to use brainstorming from different groups (persons with disabilities, developing children's creativity, children with ADHD, children with autism, etc.), body parts (head, eyes, arms) and five different senses: detailed classification (touch, sound, vibration, blinking, etc.) so we ended up with a lot of interesting ideas


  • For children with autism / hyperactivity disorder, this group of children is less willing to express and prefers other ways of expression. Some surveys indicate that writing and drawing can help them to express better, so the idea is to use the left hand to represent the Wipe, the right hand means a paintbrush, children can wave their arms in the air to draw what they want to draw, and then directly display it on the tablet or projection screen. You can maximize your child ’s creativity instead of confining them to a stool.
  • There are also children who lack family care. They are more afraid of sleeping alone in the dark, so the idea of this design is to add a temperature sensor to a plush toy to detect the child's temperature, and hug it when the child is afraid At night, the bedside lamp connected to the plush toy will light up slightly, which helps to relieve the child's fear while ensuring that the child's sleep is not affected.
  • In the end, a design we determined was about decompression, which is also a design that our group prefers. We followed the design ideas of other groups, and a Smash it poster gave us great inspiration. We added a lot of changes to that idea, so we finally chose boxing gloves as our interactive object. The user took the boxing gloves and waved them to simulate the gesture of hitting the object. At the same time, gloves can indicate the strength of the user's swing according to the strength of the user's swing (feedback is used to determine the strength of the swing and the feedback of the vibration strength given to the user by the vibration sensor) There are many ideas that can be improved, so we will modify this idea in the next few days when we prepare for the speech, and we will modify it in more detail.