Week 3 Group Meeting

Tianyi Liu - Sun 15 March 2020, 10:48 pm

We have a group meeting in Friday and decided what we are going to do for the next several days. Because we are going to give a presentation and bodystorm next Wednesday, we planned to make a video to present our design concept.

The first 30min we discuessed the concept we are going to use. Basically its the design idea I presented in week 2, but we thought its a little bit simple and we want to add some interactions to make it more interesting. Although the idea is about "Music" and "Fitness", but its core is "Data visualization", so we are thinking to make more use of the data collected from the sensor, We want to make the data not only presented as sounds, but also showed as visuals, like the visual effects in the early Windows XP music players.

We spent the next 30min talked about some more details of the video we are going to make. We decide to meet at Sunday, bring some instruments(both musical instruments and instruments for exercise), and try to use bodystorm to show how the user expected to interact with the product.