Week 3 Recap

Jessica Tyerman - Sun 15 March 2020, 8:49 pm
Modified: Sun 15 March 2020, 8:49 pm

Work Done

During the World Cafe, we moved from table to table, exploring different themes with different ideas. I got to get a glimpse at many different themes and then understand what others viewed it as. The whole day was full of continuous brainstorming, fast thinking and building upon others ideas. This was a great mindset to get into to start brainstorming for the theme we were most interested in. Even though I never actually sat at the "change through discomfort" table, I went to other tables with similar concepts and could still build an understanding and insight into the ideas that can stem from them. On Wednesday we met our group members and got to know them. We discussed how we work and what we want from this course and this group. We also started brainstorming ideas.

How It Relates

Participating in the World Cafe allowed us to widen our thoughts and delve deeper into the ideation process, producing more results. This helped when trying to go through the ideation process with my team. We were able to generate a mass amount of ideas, then focus on a few we liked and break them down more and then flesh it out.

Work to Do

Our team needs to continue through the process and solidify an idea for our project. We agreed to continue to flesh out potential ideas before agreeing on a particular one. This will then lead into the beginning of the proposal due in Week 6.


When brainstorming, the inspirations mainly came from bad habits that I do but know I shouldn't such as loving to spend time in bed or biting my nails!