Week 3 - Team

Edward Zhang - Fri 24 April 2020, 9:04 pm

Meet the group

This week we formed our group, and I'm delighted to be part of that group, which includes Vicky, Sylvia, Snow, and Edward, and our theme is the body as the controller. After a brief discussion, our group decided to call it 'Hi Distinction'.


Revolving around the main theme of our group, the concept of our group is first established through research and analysis of the problem domain. We decided to focus our concept on reducing people's pressure. Before determining our problem area, we had many discussions. At the beginning, our group had a lot of differences in the choice of concepts. Some said that they hoped to design the existing concepts, and some hoped that the concepts would be more With new ideas, there are other hope concepts that are more targeted. Due to the many differences, we have conducted many rounds of discussion on our concept. In the beginning, our concept was relatively broad, because we started from our subject body as a controller and conducted a divergent brainstorming. We discussed a lot of concepts that are not applicable, but after such discussions, we have a very broad scope. Finally, we lock our concept to a concept that is aimed at people's daily decompression and a concept that is aimed at people's daily climbing and climbing. We have some differences on these two concepts, and then we have a detailed discussion, and then we think that although the interactive methods of climbing-related concepts are very good, they are not enough for users to produce a long-term use. It ’s attractive and it ’s too big, so we decided to abandon this concept.

Therefore, our final concept is decided to help people to decompress this concept every day.