Week 3 - UQ Innovate Induction and Pitch Reflection

Laura Pham - Mon 9 March 2020, 12:49 pm
Modified: Sun 15 March 2020, 8:42 pm

Critiques: a reflection

I enjoyed reading the critiques from peers about Thinker-Painting.


Lorna proposed a fantastic suggestion! I had not previously thought about removing the visual display, however, by doing so, pre-perceived reactions could be avoided to ensure for exclusively genuine responses. For example, if I were to see a spiky texture, I may prepare myself.

UQ Innovate Induction (a real struggle)

I hoped to attend the UQ Innovate Induction on Monday, but since I arrived a few minutes late, my good friend John would not let me get marked off for the hand tool induction. However, I was allowed to attend the successive laser cutter induction, which provided me with immense insight on the multitude of programs that can be used to provide .DSF files for Speedy.

Imgur Imgur

I was given five pieces of black acrylic that forms a cube when constructed.


To formally complete the UQ Innovate Induction, I needed to go through the hand tool induction. This was completed on Tuesday at 1:15pm.

Tuesday (10 March 2020)

World Cafe

Most people in the class never heard of World Cafe. To my good fortune, I had endured the process of a singular World Cafe last semester (Semester 2, 2019). Consequently, I was familiar with the activity that we needed to complete.

The highlight of World Cafe was when I arrived at Enhance Mundane Spaces when Amraj S was the host. For that round I had mentioned the newly implemented Learners test (for driving). In my opinion, watching videos for multiple hours to learn how to drive and road rules could be considered mundane. It is possible that Tutor Clay had misinterpreted what I had said as he had suggested that the act of being in a car while driving is mundane. This is understandable as he and I both agreed that we often 'auto-pilot' and are unsure if we had ran a light (that was red, not green). Tutor Clay suggested that the inside of a car could be enhanced. Upon further reflection, I realised that anything in a car has potential to distract or disturb the driver from the road, and by extension, the aforementioned enhancement was discarded.


Wednesday (11 March 2020)

Teams were announced after the lunch break. I will be working with Jason Y, Rine L, and Jen S on the theme Enhance Mundane Spaces for this semester.

I participated with my group in an activity for a Student Staff Partnership (about DECO3850?). I was quite concerned with the host as he had inferred that an interview is synonymous with a survey. Regardless, I enjoyed the activity, but would have liked to be briefed on the purpose (or at least what it was for).

In the remaining hour, my team and I discussed the next steps for our theme.