Week 3 - World Cafe

Shane Wei - Sat 14 March 2020, 8:54 pm

For more suitable grouping, we did world cafe. According to change the themes of each table and talking to others, I found some interesting projects and got more ideas.

a. Beautify the Self


In this theme, all the projects are using technology to comfort the users, helping them relaxed. We thought the Breathing light, the Smart tree and the Smart bed are interesting. But each of them was too simple to make. As a result, we believed that we could using VR to combine these idea together and design a smart bedroom. However, this was really difficult for us to make. So, I gave up this theme at last.

b. Body as controller

Imgur Imgur

My second table was Body as controller. I was really intersted in this theme. Because my own project is also classified in this theme. We talked about the places we could set these installations and whom we designed for. Homes, museums, hospitals and gyms were the suitable places to make these devices. All the people who love sports, animals and playing games will fond into these devices.

c. Musical things

Imgur Imgur

This theme is combining normal stuff and music together to make normal stuff more interesting. I did such device before in design thinking course. So, I thought Musical metrics was more attractive to me.

Finally, I chose Body as controller and Musical metrics as my favorite themes.