Week 4 - Journal

Edward Zhang - Sun 26 April 2020, 10:48 pm

Team pitch

This week we delivered the presentation online, and all the teams presented the concept in a pre-recorded video. And at the end of each concept presentation we discussed concepts and gave opinions through Slack. During the two-day group concept presentation, different concepts were transferred among each group, and we gained a lot of improvement Suggestions and some new ideas during the discussion.


At the end of the speech, we collected the feedback of all speeches:

Affirmation of the concept:

  • Fun and healthy ways to de-stress
  • Interesting exploration can also help people exercise
  • Can relieve the pressure effectively

Good advice:

  • Add vibration sensor
  • Canceling the screen allows the user to respond to light and shadow
  • Judge people's stress
  • Relieve pressure in a more active way, such as by stroking the animal
  • Add sports and sports, re - select target users
  • Add a hit object, the space is not real
  • Learn the effects of stress relief
  • Explore a more targeted place to use
  • Explore a point that attracts people to interact with it every day.