Week 4 - Pitch Feedback

Yubo Zhuo - Fri 27 March 2020, 2:18 pm

Feedback on our nagging cushion (from BotherHood team):

  1. Combine everyone's Thoughts on the nagging cushion
    • Most people agree that it is mandatory or requires users to stand up and act with some torture methods. Like harsh sounds and vibrations to cause tingling to users.
  2. Some people also think that some attractive functions or new concepts should be added.
    • There is no one is willing to embarrass themselves or just bother's function is not enough. After discussing with my teammates, I think nagging cushion is to provide people who need help to improve their own conditions and strengthen their attention to physical health. It's hard for most people to be strict with themselves and have to work out time. The nagging cushion is to remind users when they are busy working.
  3. Some people think that setting a massage function will improve the user's experience.
    • However, in our initial point of view, we always rank 'annoy' as the highest priority, so torture users or that be annoying to people is our initial idea. But we will strengthen the "annoy" in the future. Try to change or improve the user experience
  4. The whole function does not seem to interact with people
    • We also need to strengthen this point and find some ideas. For example, for more than 2 hours, nagging cushion pushes users away. This idea is actually very good. We will take it into consideration. The other is to become a bolster. The reason that can improve the viewing and close is better than that (most workplaces are cushions). I also agree with that,