Week 4 Recap

Jessica Tyerman - Sun 29 March 2020, 5:20 pm

The past two weeks have been absolutely crazy. They have definitely tested our limits, very early in the semester, and introduced us into the online life. UQ has moved all courses online and this changed how Physical Computing will run. Due to the current social distancing rules and government advice, we are unable to meet up in person. We have made multiple calls on Facebook to discuss our thoughts and our plans for the group work. After making sure we were on the same thought process, we were able to delegate tasks over Facebook and then rejoin after we had finished our work to finalise our presentation.

These two weeks I worked on developing our idea with my team and then designing a sketch for our product, "Emily". I focused on writing up our intended experience and how it fits into the domain. The sketch was a very basic design of what we were envisioning if we created Emily as a ball. After we received feedback and were able to discuss it amongst each other and the teaching team, we were able to look into different forms and how we could all even incorporate separate ones as our individual Emily. We received some mixed feedback from the studio (as many concepts will) but the general consensus was well. We have discussed the bigger idea of Emily and are happy with what we have created so far. After listening to my peers' presentations, I could understand the input and outputs that others have created and gain more inspiration.

In regards to our concept, our team still needs to nitpick at our idea and refine what we aim to create. We need to decide how we want to delegate work for our final form. I need to conduct research into negative reinforcement and how people respond to objects in their house. This should help our team find a direction and solidify our concept. This will then help us in writing our proposal, which is the next assessment piece due.